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Undergraduate Programs
2019 Erickson Discovery Grants

The following BMB, MICRB, and BIOTC students earned Erickson Discovery Grants to perform undergraduate research during the summer.


2019 Recipients:

Edward Issertell, Elucidating the Order of Metal Binding Between EF-hands in Lanmodulin, Eberly College of Science


Basel Karim, Detection of Protein Refolding via a Reverse Environmentally-Sensitive Fluorescent Probe, Eberly College of Science


Matthew Mouck, Bioinformatic Discovery of Novel Riboswitches in the Human Gut Microbiome, Eberly College of Science


Guinevere Vanbuskirk Oliver, Biophysical and Biochemical Characterization of Mitochondrial Transcription in the Presence of STAT3 and TEAD4, Eberly College of Science


Jay PendyalaA Mechanistic Study of LipA's Fe-S cluster Regeneration, Eberly College of Science


Philip P RatnasamyUnderstanding Light Touch Sensation in Class III DA Drosophila Neurons, Eberly College of Science


Katelyn RudisillUnderstanding How Cdk5 Localizes Essential Proteins for Proper Neuronal Function in Class 1 DA Drosophila Neurons, Eberly College of Science


Rachel Danielle SwopeIdentifying a Reporter for Dendrite Regeneration in Neurons of the Drosophila Peripheral Nervous System, Eberly College of Science