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Shawn Xiong

Assistant Teaching Professor of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
Shawn Xiong

About Me


  • Ph.D. Biochemistry, specialty in Structural Biology (Distinction)

    • Supervisor: Pro./Dr. Frank Sicheri
    • Lunenfeld-Tanenbaum Research Institute
    • Mount Sinai Hospital
    • Department of Biochemistry, Faculty of Medicine
    • University of Toronto, Toronto, ON, May 2018.
    • Thesis: Structural and Mechanistic Characterization of the Core Mammalian Hippo Tumor Suppressive Pathway


  • Hon. B.Sc. First-class Joint Chemistry and Microbiology (focus on Biochemistry)

    • Supervisor: Associate Pro./Dr. Sean McKenna
    • Department of Chemistry, Faculty of Science
    • University of Manitoba, Winnipeg, MB, May 2012.
    • Thesis: Using Adenovirus RNA to Probe the Binding Affinity and Activity of a Human Viral Sensing Enzyme – 2’-5’ Oligoadenylate Synthase.


Department of University Committees

  • Undergraduate Program Steering Committee


Research Summary

Xiong Research




Honors and Awards

  • 2019 Penn State University Student Engagement Network Group Grant (Co-Awarded with Dr. Gregory Broussard and Supported by Dr. Meredith Defelice)
  • 2019 The Paul M. Althouse Outstanding Teaching Award , Penn State
  • 2019 Teaching Transformation & Innovation Grant, Penn State
  • 2019 Penn State University General Education Microgrant Award (for innovative teaching in BISC4)
  • 2016-2019 The Terry Fox New Frontiers Program Project Grant (With Pro. F. Sicheri)
  • 2018 Tri-campus Teaching Excellence Awards (U. of Toronto)
  • 2017 Outstanding Teaching Assistant by Student Evaluation (U. of Toronto)


Selected Publications

  • Xiong S. 5 steps to help you become a successful teaching professor. University Affairs. Nov. 1, 2019.
  • Xiong S. & Sicheri F. Structural and mechanistic characterization of the core mammalian Hippo tumor suppressor pathway. ProQuest – Tspace. November 2018.
  • Gill M., Zhang Y., Gregorieff A., Zhang L., Narimatsu M., Song S., Xiong, S., Christova T., Zlotta A.R., van der Kwast, T.H., Sicheri F., Wrana J.L. & Attisano L. A feed forward loop enforces Yap/TAZ signaling during tumorigenesis. Nature Communication. July 2018
  • Xiong S., Couzens A.L., Lorenzen K., Mao D.L., Juang Y.-C., Chiovitti D., Templeton C.M., Kurivov I., Guettler S., Gingras A.-C., and Sicheri F. Structural basis for the auto-inhibition and relief of the NDR1 kinase domain. June 2018
  • Xiong S., Couzens A.L., Kean, M.J., Mao, D.Y., Guettler S., Kurinov I., Gingras A.-C., & Sicheri F. Regulation of protein interactions by MOB1 phosphorylation. Molecular & Cellular proteomics. April 3, 2017. (co-first author)
  • Couzens A.L., Xiong S., Knight J.D.R., Mao D.Y., Guettler S., Picaud S., Kurinov I., Filippakopoulos P., Sicheri F. & Gingras A.-C. MOB1 mediated phospho-recognition in the core mammalian Hippo pathway. Molecular & Cellular proteomics. April 3, 2017. (co-first author)
  • Meier M., Xiong S., Okun N., Patel T.R., Booy E., Donald L., McKenna S.A. & Stetefeld J. G4 Quadruplex   Recognition in the Human DEAH-Box Helicase RHAU. Biophysical Journal, 102(3): 486a. (2012).
  • Meng H., Deo S., Xiong S., Dzananovic E., Donald, L.J., van Dijk C.W. & McKenna S.A. Regulation of the    Interferon-Inducible 2’-5’ Oligoadenylate Synthetases by Adenovirus VA(I) RNA. Journal of Molecular Biology, 422(5): 635-49. (2012).
  • Booy E.P., Meier M., Okun N., Novakowski S.K., Xiong S., Stetefeld J. & McKenna S.A. The RNA helicase RHAU (DHX36) unwinds a G4-quadeuplex in human telomerase RNA and promotes the formation of the P1 helix template boundary. Nucleic Acid Research, 40(9): 4110-24. (2012).
  • Patel T.R., Reuten R., Xiong S., Meier M., Winzoe D.J., Kock M. & Stetefeld J. Determination of a molecular shape for netrin-4 from hydrodynamic and small angle X-ray scattering measurements. Matrix Biology. 31(2): 135-40. (2011).