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Associate Research Professor of Biology
He. Li
Selected publications

Li H* and Chen G*. (2016) In Vivo Reprogramming for CNS Repair: Regenerating Neurons from Endogenous Glial Cells. (Invited review). Neuron, 2016 Aug 17; 91(4):728-38.

Zhang C, Ge X, Liu Q, Jiang M, Li, M.W. and Li H*. (2015) MicroRNA-mediated non-cell-autonomous regulation of cortical radial glial transformation revealed by a Dicer1 conditional knockout mouse model. Glia, 63(5):860-76.

Hong P, Jiang M and Li H*. (2014) Functional requirement of Dicer1 and miR-17-5p in reactive astrocyte proliferation after spinal cord injury in the mouse. Glia, 62(12):2044-60.