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Eberly Research Fellow
felicia krauss


06/2016: PhD magna cum laude, FAU Erlangen, thesis: Extreme Environments: From supermassive black holes to supernovae

03/2013: M.Sc. in Physics, FAU Erlangen, thesis: Multiwavelength Observations of TANAMI Sources

08/2010: B.Sc. in Physics, FAU Erlangen, thesis: Swift Observations of TANAMI Counterparts


Selected Publications

The unique case of the active galactic nucleus core of M87: a misaligned low-power blazar? Lucchini M., Krauß F., Markoff S. 2019, MNRAS 489, p.1633-1643 [ADS].

Fermi-LAT counterparts of IceCube neutrinos above 100 TeV, Krauß F., Deoskar K. et al. 2018, A&A 620, A174 [ADS].

The TANAMI Multiwavelength Program: Dynamic SEDs of Southern Blazars, Krauß F., Wilms J., Kadler M. et al. 2016, A&A 591, A130 [ADS].

Coincidence of a high-fluence blazar outburst with a PeV-energy neutrino event, Kadler M., Krauß F., Mannheim K. et al. 2016, Nature Physics 12, 807 [ADS].