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Eberly Science Alumni Society

We need your expertise!

65K Strong: We need your expertise!

Did you know there are over 65,000 graduates of the Eberly College of Science? That number alone is significant, but even more impressive is the diversity of experience across a wide range of careers and professional expertise among our 65K alumna. We would like to invite you to join us in supporting the college by volunteering your time and expertise!

As a member of the Penn State Alumni Society and an Eberly graduate you are also a member of the Eberly College Alumni Society. The majority of the Society’s work is conducted by its board of directors, which is comprised of about 20 volunteers committed to the success of the college and Penn State. One of the board’s major goals is to expand the reach and impact of the Eberly Alumni Society by building an engaged community of former students and future alumni who work together to support the college and the University.

The Board is actively involved in activities which include:

  • Eberly College of Science Mentor Program
  • Sponsorship of virtual events
  • Hosting regional alumni events and engagement opportunities
  • Working with the Eberly College of Science Dean to provide input on alumni engagement activities
  • Collaborating with the college to increase student internships and professional experience opportunities

If you would like to be considered for membership on the board of directors, please send your resume or CV to Jenn Lawrence at You may also contact Jenn if you are interested in working with the board on a specific project or if you have other ideas you’d like the board to consider.