The Reflexion Edge

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A portable and data-driven concussion-screening system, debuts at CES 2018.

17 October 2018

Demonstration of the Reflexon Edge portable concussion screening system.
Demonstration of the Reflexon Edge portable concussion screening system.
Reflexion Interactive Technologies, LLC, an award-winning health-technology startup company, of officially launched its patent-pending cognitive screening, training, and rehabilitation device, the Reflexion Edge, in May 2018 after three years of development and extensive clinical testing.

The Edge can be used to accurately screen for concussions as well as to train reflexes and rehabilitate an athlete’s cognitive abilities following a traumatic brain injury.

The device is comprised of 2,688 LEDs, a 2-by- 6-foot touchscreen and accompanying software to track performance. It also folds accordion-style to fit inside a mid-sized backpack for easy transport. Currently, the Edge is in the second phase of a clinical-validity study led by Semyon Slobounov, who studies pathologic brain science and traumatic sports-related brain injuries, in the Center for Sports Research and Service at Penn State.

Athletes respond to randomized, 30-second patterns of LEDs by touching the Edge’s screen as the lights appear. Each set and pattern tracks specific cognitions ranging from reaction time and peripheral vision to memory, handedness, and depth perception. Data are displayed on a pentagonal graph in the Edge app, where scores are compared to an athlete’s cumulative baseline performance to track improvement and screen for possible deficiencies indicative of traumatic brain injury.

Reflexion will also release a compatible mobile application to give parents and athletes easy access to user-performance data. Parents will be able to monitor their child’s cognitive status while athletes track their improvement.

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