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The Science Journal endeavors to inform, inspire, engage, and educate readers by showcasing the many ways that the college’s vibrant community of students, alumni, faculty, and staff makes a difference in the world.

The Science Underneath
The Science Underneath 23 April 2018 White coats, test tubes, petri dishes, microscopes, and a burning curiosity to understand how things are connected and why they work. Long days and late nights in a starkly lit lab or in front of the blue-green glow of a computer monitor. Unglamorous as it is, this is where the quest to cure genetic disease begins.

Sequence to Solution
Sequence to Solution 23 April 2018 Your medical treatment may one day be just as customizable as your car. While drug therapy may not come in quite as many colors, customized medical decisions based on an individual’s genetic code may now be a slightly larger speck on the horizon thanks to new ways of consolidating genetic information.

Different Journeys in Lives Dedicated to Medicine
Different Journeys in Lives Dedicated to Medicine 23 April 2018 Each year, many of our recent graduates who have matriculated to medical schools report back to us that the scientific foundation they received in the Eberly College of Science has prepared them well for the challenges of medical school.

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