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Penn State Science Welcomes Teresa Davis, Associate Dean of Administration

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2 June 2014

With a reputation around Penn State of “no shrinking violet” and 18 years of leadership experience at the University, it’s not surprising that Teresa Davis was selected to fill the vacant associate dean of administration in the college. The position, which was previously filled by Karin Foley, is unique because it requires a skillset that cannot just be learned from a textbook or in a classroom. From facilities planning, to IT and marketing management, combined with interacting and communicating with people at all levels in the University and beyond, her duties make for a challenging, yet rewarding, job.

As Davis can attest, since her first day in early February, no day has been “regular.” Between attending meetings, making decisions, handling problems, and dealing with faculty, staff, and other administrators, there is not a typical daily schedule; every day brings something different to the table. Despite what the job throws at her, Davis has the experience and knowledge to handle it.

Davis, who began her career in the U.S. military as an enlisted soldier in the Army military police corps in the mid-1980s, quickly learned that discipline, hard work, and perseverance were necessary to do the job well. Those character traits have served her well, enabling her to advance in various civilian positions in the Department of the Army around the globe, ending her career with the Department of the Army at the United States Military Academy at West Point as the Provost Marshal office’s plans officer.

In 1996, Davis joined Penn State as director of transportation services, where she oversaw the transportation needs of 41,000 students and 16,000 employees while managing the usage of 17,000 parking spaces, a 500-vehicle rental fleet, campus bus and shuttle services, and 10 informational kiosks. Additionally, on any given day, she was responsible for establishing and enforcing plans, supervising staff, managing budgets, negotiating contracts, and serving on commissions and committees, among other duties.

Administrators across Penn State recognized Davis’s strong work ethic and talents for planning, organization, and customer service, and invited her to participate in the University’s Administrative Fellows program in 2009. She joined Craig Weidemann, Vice President of Outreach, and worked alongside him for a year, shadowing his daily activities and serving on multiple committees working to improve the University’s outreach program.

All of her work and life experiences, along with her master’s degree in public administration and her doctoral degree in workforce education and management, have prepared Davis for her new role as associate dean of administration. In this role she oversees information technology, facilities, marketing, outreach, and a number of budget and leadership-related processes for the college. Areas of focus include planning for renovations on our instructional laboratories, restructuring and re-visioning the outreach efforts of the college, and a number of budget-reduction and process-improvement-related initiatives.

Outside of work, Davis can be found spending time with her son, Connor, who will be starting at Penn State in July. She also is active in the State College Downtown Rotary Club, and often spends free time helping to plan or attend Rotary activities.

The college community is looking forward to the positive changes and fresh perspective that new leadership will produce. We hope that you will join us in welcoming Teresa Davis to the college.