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Dean's Message: January 2018

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Dean's Message: January 2018

Douglas Cavener.

23 April 2018


Science and engineering are traditionally thought to be distinctly different fields.

The quests for knowledge and truth define the essence of science, or what we often refer to as “pure” or “basic” science. Tools provided by technological developments in molecular biology, computer science, physics, and chemistry have greatly accelerated the pace of scientific discoveries. Many of these discoveries have been applied to inventing new products and solving problems that have transformed modern life in the 21st century. Traditionally, scientists made the discoveries and then engineers applied that new knowledge to invention and problem solving. However, over the past 30 years this division of labor has evaporated. Scientists today are determined to do it all—from discovering the secrets of life and the universe to applying and translating that knowledge. Nowhere else can that be seen having a bigger impact than in Eberly Science.

In this issue of the Science Journal we focus on knowledge discovery and translation to the cure and treatment of human disease. The impact of our college in this realm extends well beyond our laboratories and includes thousands of alumni physicians, health professionals, biomedical researchers, and biotechnology entrepreneurs. We share the stories of just a few of those individuals among our faculty, students, and alumni who have dedicated their lives to the cure and treatment of human disease.

New to this issue of Science Journal is the guest editor overview. The intent of this addition is to add insight to our feature articles and explain how they combine to tell a story about the Eberly College of Science’s leading role in scientific research.

Another notable enhancement is that our Science Journal has a defined mission—a raison d’etre, if you will. That mission is “to inform, inspire, engage, and educate readers by showcasing the many ways that the college’s vibrant community of students, alumni, faculty, and staff makes a difference in the world.” I hope you share my pride in this mission, and I want to personally thank you for your continued support of the Eberly College of Science.

Kind regards,

Douglas R. Cavener
Verne M. Willaman Dean
Penn State University
Eberly College of Science