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Reinventing Statistics Education
Reinventing Statistics Education 01 December 2015 Dennis Pearl has a CAUSE, and his goal is to improve statistics education and teaching. CAUSE, which is the Consortium for the Advancement of Undergraduate Statistics Education, is a national organization whose mission is to support and advance undergraduate statistics education through resources, professional development, outreach, and research. Pearl, who is a professor of statistics at Penn State, also serves as the director of CAUSE, where he has been working to develop a redesigned foundation for statistics education across the country.

Exploring the Nature of Stress
Exploring the Nature of Stress 01 December 2015 It’s only getting more stressful in our stressful world, particularly if you are an animal trying to deal with a pesky invasive species or the impacts of humans in your environment. Associate Professor of Biology Tracy Langkilde’s career thrives on that stress. Langkilde conducts research in evolutionary ecology by studying the stress caused by global environmental change, and how animals are able to deal with these stressors.

Transition State: A Change of Leadership in the Department of Chemistry
Transition State: A Change of Leadership in the Department of Chemistry 01 December 2015 Tradition at Penn State is deeply rooted, and changes in the leadership in the Department of Chemistry are no exception. Since 1983, the chemistry department has rotated department heads on a regular basis, generally every three-to-five years; earlier this year, the transition from Barbara Garrison to Tom Mallouk was made. Garrison is well known in the chemistry department, and across the country, as a well-respected leader in chemistry, as she has held this position not once but twice, with fifteen years between her two terms.

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