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Health Sciences Pre-Professional Evaluation Committee Interview

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The Health Sciences Pre-Professional Evaluation Committee is designed for undergraduate students at Penn State preparing for application to medical, dental, podiatry, and optometry schools.

Health Sciences Pre-Professional Committee

The committee, composed of numerous faculty and advisors from various colleges within the University, assist in preparing a committee letter of evaluation in support of students applying to health profession schools. It is not required by Penn State that students use this committee, but many health professional schools require such a committee letter, and most students find the process helpful. 

Dr. Ronald A. Markle is the chair of the Health Sciences Pre-Professional Committee.  For additional information on the operation of this committee, download the packet with instructions and forms.

Information for Reapplications 


Please note that the $50 processing fee is NON-REFUNDABLE. Even if you choose not to apply, or you choose to withdraw your application, we will not offer refunds.
You must sign a statement and pay in order to receive access to begin collecting your letters of recommendation. Note: only VISA or Mastercard are accepted. 

Important Information for Medical/Dental/Podiatry/Optometry Entering Class of 2020: 

Please check back for an updated Guide and Instructions. DO NOT create a veCollect account or follow old instructions, as we will be changing the process for applicants planning to matriculate in 2020.

Key dates:

    • February 14, 2019: Scheduling begins for committee interviews
    • March 4, 2019: Committee interviews begin
    • September 26, 2019: Interviews will conclude for the 2020 cycle.

Important Information for Medical/Dental/Podiatry/Optometry Entering Class of 2019: 

All applicants, including reapplicants, should read through the guide thoroughly for instructions. Refer to it frequently to ensure you are following all instructions to receive a committee letter and to have it uploaded into the application systems along with your letters of recommendation.

Committee Letter Guide and Instructions

Biographical Sketches:


Committee letter interviews will end September 26 for the 2019 cycle (matriculation). For 2020 matriculation, interviews will begin March 4, 2019. To schedule for final interview dates for the 2019 cycle, call 814-865-7620 if you have met the requirements to schedule (see committee letter guide and instructions above).


Thank you for supporting our Penn State candidates for medical/dental/optometry/podiatry programs. Please refer to this guide for more information and instructions on how to use veCollect.
Updated: 11/8/2018

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