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Some Reasons to Consider Applying Next Year

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Modified from Kate Fukawa-Connelly’s NEAAHP listserv contribution on February 5, 2008 (Brandeis University)

Some students are looking for some good reasons why it might be better to apply to medical/dental/health profession schools at the end of their fourth year in college, here are a few that might be helpful:

  1. More time for application preparation (personal statement, committee letter application, letters of recommendation, schools to research) and to get organized so you can apply early (the earlier and error free the better because of rolling admissions at most schools).
  2. More study time for MCAT/DAT/etc. Target May exam date, so that you can focus on studying for finals first and then the MCAT/DAT/etc.
  3. An extra year of undergraduate coursework can possibly improve your GPA.
  4. Allows more time to develop meaningful relationships with faculty, which could improve the quality of your recommendation letters.
  5. In tight economic times, numbers of applications to professional schools increase.  Chances of acceptance in a future year could improve if the economy improves.
  6. Applying upon graduation allows you to work full-time for a year so that you can make payments on loans, and save money for future medical/dental/health profession school expenses.
  7. Admissions committees will appreciate the enhanced level of maturity and commitment because of the extra year of growth.
  8. Allows more time to acquire further health care experiences as a volunteer or in a paid position.
  9. Allows more time for you to articulate your career goals (spoken and written) using your experiences.
  10. It is wise to be a strong first-time applicant, versus a strong re-applicant.
  11. A break from rigorous academics could be positive for your mental and physical readiness for medical school.
  12. Taking a year off after graduating with an undergraduate degree just might be the perfect strategy for admission to medical/dental/health profession schools.

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