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Looking for volunteer experiences? The Science Outreach office hosts many programs and events year-round to be a part of!

How to volunteer

Since Science Outreach programs occur all year, the Science Outreach office often seeks student volunteers to help create and implement hands-on science experiences for youth.

In addition to the Science-U summer camps, the Science Outreach office hosts a range of other events including Haunted-U, Expanding Your Horizons STEM Career Day for Girls, Exploration-U Community Science Nights, and more!  We are committed to excellence in science education and inclusiveness, and volunteers are a critical part of bringing our events and programs to life!


2016-2017 School Year Calendar:

This calendar will be updated frequently as dates are set for upcoming events, so check back often!

How to Get Involved:

  1. Get on our volunteer listserv: Email the Science Outreach Administrative Assistant, Jenny Harchak (jmh5842@psu.edu), to be added to our volunteer emailing list. This will ensure that you are included on the calls for volunteers that we send throughout the year. If you believe you missed the volunteer call for an upcoming event that you are interested in, please mention this in your email!
  2. Complete the PSU Mandated Reporter Training: All PSU volunteers who work with youth are required to complete the online “Building a Safer Penn State: Reporting Child Abuse” training. If you have not taken this training or took it more than a year before the event you’d like to volunteer at, go to lrn.psu.edu and search for this training by name to launch the module. Save a copy of your Certificate of Completion, because you will need to submit it to our office before you volunteer for an event!
  3. Get your background clearances: Science Outreach volunteers with roles that involve close, sustained interaction with youth (e.g., curriculum mentors at our Haunted-U or Expanding Your Horizons events) need to complete 3 background clearances and submit them to ECoS HR in 512 Thomas. Once submitted, the clearances are good for 5 years. These clearances can take 4-6 WEEKS to go through, so if you would like to volunteer with Science Outreach we recommend you start the process as soon as possible! Please see the following page for more instructions on how to apply for each of  these 3 clearances: http://www.sciencecamps.psu.edu/employment/employment-clearances-and-background-check .

Thank you for your interest in volunteering with the Science Outreach office! We look forward to working with you soon!