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Main Content

Grant Writing Tips
The Outreach and Science Engagement (OSE) office exists to help provide information and assistance to faculty members seeking grant funds that require a broader impacts or education and outreach component. We can provide specific terminology to use when writing a proposal, review and give feedback on a written proposal, find a specific audience for a project, write letters of support and/or acquire letters of support from expected participants, and help manage a program and budget for a faculty member.
Current Programs
Regardless of the type of grant proposal you are submitting for funding, the Outreach and Science Engagement (OSE) office can help you find a program. We are eager to develop new programs based on your availability, interest, and budget. Please contact us to discuss your ideas!
Innovative Idea Starters
Are you looking to create an outreach event or program that is completely novel? Are you interested in testing an idea or piloting a new innovative program? Check out these tips and resources for help...
Peer Testimonies
Coming soon!
Check out our partnerships. Contact us for more information if you don't see what you are looking for. There are many ways to make your broader impact ideas possible!
Diversity Initiatives
An on-going goal for Outreach and Science Engagement is to provide opportunities for students of all ethnic backgrounds and socioeconomic status, particularly those who are less exposed and less able to experience science programs. This includes low-income, first generation, racial minority youth. Below are current efforts to provide inclusion and opportunities for these groups.
Graduate Women in Science (GWIS)
Connect with this amazing group of graduate students to help design and staff your outreach or broader impacts efforts!
Fall 2013 Outreach Opportunities for Faculty and Students


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