Science Superheroes at Penn State

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Dear Tony Stark, thank you for your technology and resourceful inspiration! Thor, we appreciate your stellar team play and affection for earth. Captain America, you faced dismal odds and prevailed. Bruce Banner, your background in gamma radiation research has inspired many to consider what’s deep within us during hard times. Thank you all for recognizing that, when faced with a powerful foe and insurmountable challenges: (1) you all have weaknesses, (2) you communicate differently, and (3) you have to work toward a common goal regardless of being a monster, God, or soldier…you are unique members of a dynamic team.

It’s all fun and games when you watch these fictional superheroes protect the planet from superS.pngcountless villains. The reality is that the true fate of humanity and our earth rests with us - the ‘here and now’ scientists, engineers, and citizens of the world.  After all, Superheroes, many of whom were created in the 1930s to provide hope during The Great Depression, and led by Superman himself, are really an extension of the science fiction genre.

Is human survival on earth in jeopardy? --difficult to conclude, but some scientists might argue ‘yes, if we don’t act now!’  It is also arguable that non-collaborative thinking will only lead to failure these days.  As the boundaries and barriers between the citizens of the earth continue to shrink we find ourselves sharing common problems and issues across all nations. We’ve really one choice remaining when it comes to the unending issues humanity faces - - to confront the future as a team.  We, the ordinary citizens, must become science superheroes, each of us!

In the spirit of finding real-life superheroes in the field of science we are launching a new feature that showcases Penn State scientists as: Science Superheroes at Penn State.

It is well known that science fiction superheroes defend the planet from threats day after day, but who are the science superheroes among us in the real world? Who's powers translate to real needs in our society and make a difference. To read more for fun on this concept, check out this link on The Science Behind Superheroes by Cosmos Magazine!

To see real Science Superheroes at Penn State click here!