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Parents and K-12 educators! We are going to be offering more and more after school activities and quick science experiments online to keep your family and students thinking about science and the world around us. So keep checking back here for a weekly science challenges put together by Penn State faculty and students.
Color Science - Catching a Rainbow in a Bottle
Ever wonder how to find the end of the rainbow and that elusive pot of gold? Well look no further, because you can build your own rainbow and capture it in a container using science!
Glow In The Dark Easter Egg Hunt
For all those tricky Easter Bunnies out there, here's a new twist on setting up an Easter Egg hunt - do it at night! With a little science, you can add a makeover to this annual holiday event! But wait, how are you going to light up your eggs? We asked Penn State Chemistry student, Robert Zhang, to help us understand what is called: CHEMLUMINESCENCE - or liquid light! So he put together this great description.
Atomic Glow Easter Eggs
Have you ever seen atomic glowing Easter eggs? We thought we'd take the glowing Easter Egg Hunt one more step and challenge the Easter Bunny with a little phosphorescence chemistry! Check out these nuclear Easter Eggs that can only be found in the dark with a black light!
Leprechaun Lava Lamps
Ever wonder how those lucky Leprechauns stay so relaxed while you try to find their pot of gold? We investigated it and decided that they must have their own special lava lamps!
The Mentos Explosion
Science-U DIY Experiment Series Asks: What is a Physical Reaction?
Pot of Gold At The End of the Rainbow
Here is a possible reason why we can't find that pot of gold! It's hidden! Check out the experiment below that changes copper pennies into silver...and then to gold! (Well, brass, technically...but who's keeping track?)