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blackholeBlack hole, quiet since 1989, caught burping a rare X-ray flare

30 June 2015 — A NASA satellite controlled by Penn State University has detected a brief, super-bright, high-energy flare -- an X-ray nova -- erupting from a star system 8,000 light-years away from Earth named V404 Cygni. This system is in the constellation Cygnus and includes a black hole and a star just slightly smaller than the Sun. This black hole has been known to burp up an X-ray nova occasionally, but it had been slumbering since 1989 until the detection by NASA's Swift Gamma-ray Burst Explorer on June 15, just before 2:32 p.m. EDT. About 10 minutes after the detection by Swift, the Japanese " MAXI" experiment (Monitor of All-sky X-ray Image) on the International Space Station also picked up the flare.

Brain-repair research team approaches crowd-funding goal: 15 days left to help speed research into clinical trials (14 April 2015)

Cross-country tour raising funds and awareness for metastatic breast cancer to make stop at Penn State on April 16, 2015 (13 April 2015)

Andrew Read to present the Eberly Family Distinguished Lecture in Science on April 17, 2015 (10 April 2015)

Inside the most powerful explosions: Discoveries pave the way for next-generation neutrino telescopes (10 April 2015)

Stone Memorial Lecture set for April 27 (9 April 2015)

"Tales from the Outer Solar System" is the Friedman Lecture on April 28, 2015 (9 April 2015)

Crowd-Funding Campaign to Accelerate Clinical Trials of New Brain-Repair Discovery Begins on March 30 (30 March 2015)

Benkovic research featured as "Paper of the Week" by The Journal of Biological Chemistry (23 March 2015)

Jeong honored with Outstanding Young Researcher Award from the Association of Korean Physicists in America (23 March 2015)

Research in Action: PML Consortium Grant Seeks to Identify How JC Virus Causes Fatal Brain Disease (20 March 2015)

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