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New gravity waves hit Earth after record-breaking trip through space

Gravitational waves produced by the birth of a massive black hole, a record-breaking billions of light-years from Earth, have been detected by the Laser Interferometer Gravitational-wave Observatory (LIGO). The waves were generated when two smaller black holes collided and then merged to form a larger black hole with a mass about fifty times larger than our sun's.

Read more about the new gravity waves discovery here.

Experiment Near South Pole Reveals How Earth Blocks High-Energy Particles Produced by Nuclear Reactions (22 November 2017)

Alumna’s gift supports research on neurodegenerative diseases (22 November 2017)

Sky-high observatory sheds light on origin of excess anti-matter: New study excludes nearby pulsars, points to dark matter as possible culprit (16 November 2017)

New quest to map stars and galaxies across the entire sky (16 November 2017)

Survival of the least-fit: antiviral drug selectively targets the nastiest viruses (8 November 2017)

Cryo-electron microscope to bring life sciences and materials sciences together (6 November 2017)

Astronomers discover sunscreen snow falling on hot exoplanet (26 October 2017)

Mimicking biological process, hydrogel signals and releases proteins (26 October 2017)

Identifying the mechanism for a new class of antiviral drugs could hasten their approval (24 October 2017)

Exploring how herpes simplex virus changes when passed between family members (20 October 2017)

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