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First detailed picture of a cancer-related cell enzyme in action on a chromosome unit

29 October 2014 — A landmark study to be published in the October 30, 2014 print edition of the journal Nature provides new insight into the function of an enzyme related to the BRCA1 breast cancer protein. The study by a team at Penn State University is the first to produce a detailed working image of an enzyme in the Polycomb Repressive Complex 1 (PRC1) -- a group that regulates cell development and is associated with many types of cancer.

Crowdfunding Campaign Underway to Support Student Research on Sustainable Agriculture (18 July 2014)

Alex Radosevich Receives Alfred P. Sloan Research Fellow Award (8 July 2014)

Controversial Clues of Two 'Goldilocks Planets' That Might Support Life are Proven False (3 July 2014)

Alex Radosevich Receives National Science Foundation CAREER Award (3 July 2014)

Live Webcams: Scientists Studying Corals Damaged by Oil in the Gulf of Mexico (25 June 2014)

Baums Receives Humboldt Research Fellowship (24 June 2014)

Super-stretchable Yarn is Made of Graphene (20 June 2014)

Photos of New Comet Approaching a Very Close Encounter with Mars (19 June 2014)

Burst of Mutations During Initial Infection Allows Bacteria To Evade Human Immune Response (13 June 2014)

Rescue of Alzheimer's Memory Deficit Achieved by Reducing 'Excessive Inhibition' (13 June 2014)

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