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New gravity waves hit Earth after record-breaking trip through space

Gravitational waves produced by the birth of a massive black hole, a record-breaking billions of light-years from Earth, have been detected by the Laser Interferometer Gravitational-wave Observatory (LIGO). The waves were generated when two smaller black holes collided and then merged to form a larger black hole with a mass about fifty times larger than our sun's.

Read more about the new gravity waves discovery here.

Disease-associated genes routinely missed in some genetic studies (20 April 2017)

Joseph Ecker to present Chemerda Lectures in Science on April 24 and 25, 2017 (19 April 2017)

Environmental Chemistry and Microbiology Student Symposium (Start Date: 21 April 2017)  / End Date: 22 April 2017) (Forest Resources Building, from 21 April 2017 02:00 AM to 22 April 2017 06:00 PM)

Evolutionary Ecology Research Symposium (Event Date: 20 April 2017) (301D Life Sciences Building, from 20 April 2017 01:30 PM to 20 April 2017 05:00 PM)

Booker elected to American Academy of Arts and Sciences (14 April 2017)

Penn State University and Salus University Establish Strategic Alliance through Memorandum of Understanding (12 April 2017)

Blue-White Science Expo (Event Date: 22 April 2017) (Heritage Hall and Freeman Auditorium in the Hub-Robeson Center, from 22 April 2017 11:00 AM to 22 April 2017 02:30 PM)

Study reveals 10,000 years of genetic continuity in northwest North America (5 April 2017)

Paul Babitzke elected as Fellow of the American Academy of Microbiology (31 March 2017)

Mysterious cosmic explosion surprises astronomers studying the distant x-ray universe (30 March 2017)

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