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Space observatory controlled by Penn State captures its 1,000th gamma-ray burst

11 November 2015 - One thousand of the most powerful explosions in the universe -- gamma-ray bursts -- now have been detected by NASA's Swift Gamma-ray-Burst Explorer satellite, report scientists at Penn State's Mission Operations Center, which controls the science and flight operations for the satellite.

Jennelle Malcos Receives George W. Atherton Award for Excellence in Teaching (1 October 2015)

Ecology on the wing: Aerial photography enhances conservation research (18 September 2015)

Penn State receives two awards for materials research and education (14 September 2015)

David Weiss named chair of the Division of Atomic, Molecular, and Optical Physics of the American Physical Society (10 September 2015)

Penn State hosts 19 National Science Foundation graduate researchers (31 August 2015)

Graduate students develop sustainability solutions to change the world (31 August 2015)

Millennium Scholars Program connects diversity and STEM degrees (31 August 2015)

Gerald Mahan honored with 2015 International Thermoelectric Society Outstanding Achievement in Thermoelectrics Award (24 August 2015)

WPSU Penn State garners seven Mid-Atlantic Emmy nominations (17 August 2015)

Software can automatically critique composition of digital photographs (13 August 2015)

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