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Woolly MammothsHow the Mammoth Got its Wool Genetic changes are identified that helped the woolly mammoth survive in the Arctic

02 July 2015 — Evolutionary change in a gene resurrected in the lab from the extinct woolly mammoth altered the gene's temperature sensitivity and likely was part of a suite of adaptations that allowed the mammoth to survive in harsh arctic environments, according to new research. In a study published in Cell Reports on July 2, 2015, researchers determined the whole-genome sequence of two woolly mammoths and three modern Asian elephants, predicted the function of genetic changes found only in the mammoths, and then experimentally validated the function of a woolly mammoth gene reconstructed in the lab. The research team includes scientists from Penn State University, Nanyang Technological University in Singapore, and the University of Chicago.

Disabling infection-fighting immune response speeds up wound healing in diabetes (15 June 2015)

Unlocking the biofuel energy stored in plant cell walls: Plants may no longer be an untapped energy source (9 June 2015)

Mercedes Richards elected Councilor of American Astronomical Society (4 June 2015)

Invasive microbe protects corals from global warming, but at a cost (2 June 2015)

MINERVA Telescope Array Dedicated in Ceremony on Mount Hopkins (28 May 2015)

Booker named an investigator of the Howard Hughes Medical Institute (22 May 2015)

Andrew Read elected as a Fellow of the Royal Society (21 May 2015)

Astrobiology students explore alien environment on Earth (20 May 2015)

Chronic illness causes less harm when carnivores cooperate (17 May 2015)

Rao Prize Conference on May 14, 2015 features statistics prize winners (12 May 2015)

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