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NASA's Swift Satellite Marks 10 Years of Game-changing Astrophysics: Mission Control Is at Penn State

20 November 2014 — On the 10’s anniversary of its launch, NASA’s Swift Gamma-ray Burst Explorer -- an orbiting space observatory with major and continuing contributions from Penn State scientists -- is recognized as one of the most versatile astrophysics missions ever flown. It remains the only satellite that can precisely locate gamma-ray bursts -- the universe’s most powerful explosions. It also is the only satellite that can monitor the explosions in space across a broad range of wavelengths using multiple instruments before these powerful bursts fade from view.

Song Tan Awarded C.I. Noll Award for Excellence in Teaching (2 October 2014)

Daniel Costantino Awarded C.I. Noll Award for Excellence in Teaching (2 October 2014)

2014 Marker Lectures in the Physical Sciences Scheduled for October 7, 8, and 9 (Event Date: 08 October 2014) (117 Osmond Laboratory, from 08 October 2014 08:00 PM to 08 October 2014 10:00 PM)

Meredith Defelice Receives George W. Atherton Award for Excellence in Teaching (2 October 2014)

Krishna Kanti Dey Awarded First Prize at Postdoc Research Exhibition (1 October 2014)

Predicting the Future of Antarctic Ice (30 September 2014)

Growing anatomically human kidney tubes from skin cells to fight kidney disease (Event Date: 26 September 2014) (100 Life Sciences Building, the Berg Auditorium, from 26 September 2014 03:30 PM to 26 September 2014 05:00 PM)

Smallest Possible Diamonds Form Ultra-thin Nanothreads (21 September 2014)

Mystery of rare 5-hour space explosion explained with help from US/Russia and US/UK/Italy satellites (17 September 2014)

Rethinking the Basic Science of Graphene Synthesis (7 September 2014)

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