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A list of audio and video features that illustrate the work of our researchers

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Flexible Silicon Solar-Cell Fabrics May Soon Become Possible (podcast)
(6 December 2012)
The Beginning of Everything: A New Paradigm Shift for the Infant Universe (podcast)
(28 November 2012)
Wormholes from Centuries-Old Art Prints Reveal the History of the "Worms" (podcast)
(20 November 2012)
Hepatitis C Treatment's Side Effects Can Now Be Studied in the Lab (podcast)
(16 November 2012)
The Great Space Coaster: Expansion of the Universe Now Measured in an Era before Dark Energy Takes Over (podcast)
(13 November 2012)
Gene Required for Nerve Regeneration Now Identified (podcast)
(1 November 2012)
Early-Earth Cells Modeled to Show How First Life Forms Might Have Packaged RNA (podcast)
(14 October 2012)
New Black Hole Discovered in Our Galaxy (podcast)
(5 October 2012)
Case of Missing Quasar Gas Clouds Now Solved (podcast)
(1 October 2012)
Radio Interview: Charles Fisher talks with the BBC about the isolation of the deep sea
Penn State's Charles Fisher, professor of biology, was a featured guest on the BBC World Service Radio weekly discussion program, The Forum, on Saturday, 22 September 2012. Fisher joined Australian author M. L. Stedman and German conductor Alexander Liebreich for a wide-ranging discussion on Isolation. In the program, Fisher focuses on isolation of ecosystems around hydrothermal vents in the deep sea, and personal experiences with lengthy research cruises and explorations on the sea floor.
Huge Study of Human Genome Includes Penn State Research (podcast)
(5 September 2012)
Radio Interview: East Pacific Barrier almost impenetrable to marine species (Radio Australia)
Penn State biologist Iliana Baums speaks with Radio Australia about the Eastern Pacific Barrier and its role in prevent corals from dispersing across it.
Darwin Discovered to Be Right: Eastern Pacific Barrier is Virtually Impassable by Coral Species (podcast)
(27 August 2012)
Video: Penn State Astronomer Christopher Palma Explains the Science Behind the Question "What Time is It?"
23 August 2012In this video shot at the Arboretum at Penn State, astronomer Chris Palma explains the science behind the question "What time is it?"
First Evidence Discovered of Planet's Destruction by Its Star (podcast)
(20 August 2012)
Penn State Scientists Participate in the Construction of the Largest Three-Dimensional Map of the Universe (podcast)
(8 August 2012)
New Model Synapse Could Shed Light on Disorders Such as Epilepsy and Anxiety (podcast)
(7 August 2012)
Vaccine Research Shows Vigilance Needed against Evolution of More-Virulent Malaria (podcast)
(31 July 2012)
Polar Bear Evolution Tracked Climate Change, New DNA Study Suggests (podcast)
(23 July 2012)
Viruses' Copying Mechanism Demystified, Opening the Door to New Vaccine Strategies (podcast)
(18 July 2012)

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