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Decades-Old Conclusion about Energy-Making Pathway of Cyanobacteria is Corrected (podcast)
(15 December 2011)
First Electronic Optical Fibers with Hydrogenated Amorphous Silicon are Developed (podcast)
(13 December 2011)
Satellite Images of Nighttime Lights Help Track Disease Outbreaks (podcast)
(10 December 2011)
Evidence Is Found that Our Milky Way Galaxy is Destroying Its Dwarf-Galaxy Neighbors (podcast)
(2 December 2011)
Peculiar Cosmic Explosion on Christmas 2010 Continues to Intrigue Astronomers (podcast)
(30 November 2011)
Galaxy DNA-Analysis Software is Now Available "in the Cloud" (podcast)
(8 November 2011)
Jawbone Found in England is from the Earliest Known Modern Human in Northwestern Europe (podcast)
(2 November 2011)
Humans and Climate Contributed to Extinctions of Large Ice-Age Mammals, New Study Finds (podcast)
(2 November 2011)
Three New Planets and a Mystery Object Discovered Outside Our Solar System (podcast)
(26 October 2011)
Now There's an App for NASA's Swift Observatory (podcast)
(25 October 2011)
Record-Breaking Photo Reveals a Planet-sized Object as Cool as the Earth (podcast)
(19 October 2011)
Twitter Data Used to Track Vaccination Rates and Attitudes (podcast)
(13 October 2011)
Molecular Depth Profiling Modeled Using Buckyballs and Low-Energy Argon (podcast)
(11 October 2011)
Record-Breaking Solar Cell Announced by Multinational Research Team (podcast)
(18 September 2011)
Endangered Horse Has Ancient Origins and High Genetic Diversity (podcast)
(7 September)
Innovative Nanoparticle Purification System Uses Magnetic Fields (podcast)
(6 September 2011)
Atomic Clock with the World's Best Long-Term Accuracy Is Revealed by Research (podcast)
(28 August 2011)
Distant Black Hole Discovered Devouring a Sun-Like Star (podcast)
(24 August 2011)
Ancestry of Polar Bears Traced to Ireland (podcast)
(7 July 2011)
Scientists Sequence Endangered Tasmanian Devil's Genome (podcast)
(27 June 2011)

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