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Vaccine Research Shows Vigilance Needed against Evolution of More-Virulent Malaria (podcast)
(31 July 2012)
Polar Bear Evolution Tracked Climate Change, New DNA Study Suggests (podcast)
(23 July 2012)
Viruses' Copying Mechanism Demystified, Opening the Door to New Vaccine Strategies (podcast)
(18 July 2012)
Nearby Star Cluster, Long Forgotten, Now Discovered to Be Useful in Studies of Sun and Search for Planets Like Earth (podcast)
(22 June 2012)
Space Mission to Investigate High-Powered X-Rays (podcast)
(8 June 2012)
Hobby-Eberly Telescope Measures Masses of Two Stars with One Orbiting Planet (podcast)
(1 June 2012)
Protein Required for Flexible Behavior Is Identified (podcast)
(24 May 2012)
Strategy Discovered to Activate Genes that Suppress Tumors and Inhibit Cancer (podcast)
(19 May 2012)
The Zombie-Ant Fungus Is Under Attack (podcast)
(2 May 2012)
24 New Species of Lizards Discovered on Caribbean Islands are Close to Extinction (podcast)
(30 April 2012)
Record-Breaking Radio Waves from Ultra-Cool Star (podcast)
(20 April 2012)
Oil-Spill Clean-up May be Made Easier by Carbon-Nanotube Technology (podcast)
(13 April 2012)
When Dark Energy Turned On (podcast)
(30 March 2012)
New Research Reveals Deep-Ocean Impact of the Deepwater Horizon Explosion (podcast)
(22 March 2012)
Barriers to the Use of Fingerprint Evidence in Court Unlocked by Statistical Model (podcast)
(8 February 2012)
Materials for First Optical Fibers with High-Speed Electronic Function are Developed (podcast)
(5 February 2012)
Important Gene-Regulation Proteins Pinpointed by New Method (podcast)
(18 January 2012)
New Map of the Universe Reveals Its History for the Past Six-Billion Years (podcast)
(12 January 2012)
Study Reveals Milky Way Stars That Wander but Are Not Lost (podcast)
(11 January 2012)
New Astronomy Tool Peers Through the Heart of the Milky Way (podcast)
(10 January 2012)

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