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New, Multifunctional Electronic Devices May Soon Be Possible (podcast)
(15 February 2013)
Flu Outbreaks Modeled By New Study of Classroom Schedules (podcast)
(12 February 2013)
Light-Emitting Triangles May Have Applications in Optical Technology (podcast)
(5 February 2013)
A New Year's Gift from NASA and Penn State (podcast)
(2 January 2013)
How Stars Look Young When They're Not: The Secret of Aging Well (podcast)
(20 December 2012)
New Tool Is Probing the Structure of the Milky Way's Heart (podcast)
(19 December 2012)
Flexible Silicon Solar-Cell Fabrics May Soon Become Possible (podcast)
(6 December 2012)
The Beginning of Everything: A New Paradigm Shift for the Infant Universe (podcast)
(28 November 2012)
Wormholes from Centuries-Old Art Prints Reveal the History of the "Worms" (podcast)
(20 November 2012)
Hepatitis C Treatment's Side Effects Can Now Be Studied in the Lab (podcast)
(16 November 2012)
The Great Space Coaster: Expansion of the Universe Now Measured in an Era before Dark Energy Takes Over (podcast)
(13 November 2012)
Gene Required for Nerve Regeneration Now Identified (podcast)
(1 November 2012)
Early-Earth Cells Modeled to Show How First Life Forms Might Have Packaged RNA (podcast)
(14 October 2012)
New Black Hole Discovered in Our Galaxy (podcast)
(5 October 2012)
Case of Missing Quasar Gas Clouds Now Solved (podcast)
(1 October 2012)
Huge Study of Human Genome Includes Penn State Research (podcast)
(5 September 2012)
Darwin Discovered to Be Right: Eastern Pacific Barrier is Virtually Impassable by Coral Species (podcast)
(27 August 2012)
First Evidence Discovered of Planet's Destruction by Its Star (podcast)
(20 August 2012)
Penn State Scientists Participate in the Construction of the Largest Three-Dimensional Map of the Universe (podcast)
(8 August 2012)
New Model Synapse Could Shed Light on Disorders Such as Epilepsy and Anxiety (podcast)
(7 August 2012)

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