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The Origin of Flowers: DNA of Storied Plant Provides Insight into the Evolution of Flowering Plants (podcast)
(19 December 2013)
Marine Biologists Unmask Species Diversity in Coral Reefs (podcast)
(12 December 2013)
Neutrinos on Ice Now the Coolest New Astronomy Tool (podcast)
(21 November 2013)
Male Lizards Prefer More-Feminine Lizards to "Bearded Ladies" (podcast)
(7 November 2013)
Caribou May Be Indirectly Affected by Sea-Ice Loss in the Arctic (podcast)
(1 October 2013)
Novel Self-Powered Nanoparticles Developed to Deliver Healing Drugs Directly to Bone Cracks (podcast)
(29 August 2013)
Arctic Sea-Ice Loss Has Widespread Effects on Wildlife (podcast)
(1 August 2013)
New Effort to Learn How Our Galaxy Formed Makes Public Release of Its First Data (podcast)
(31 July 2013)
Nanoparticle Opens the Door to Clean-Energy Alternatives (podcast)
(13 June 2013)
New Kind of Antibiotic May Be More Effective at Fighting Tuberculosis, Anthrax, and Other Diseases (podcast)
(3 June 2013)
Super-dense Star is First Ever Found Suddenly Slowing Its Spin (podcast)
(29 May 2013)
Gene Offers Clues to New Treatments for a Harmful Blood Clotting Disorder (podcast)
(7 May 2013)
White-Dwarf Star, Blown Apart in 1604, Now Reveals New Secrets (podcasts)
(8 April 2013)
On Twitter, Anti-Vaccination Sentiments Spread More Easily than Pro-Vaccination Sentiments (podcast)
(4 April 2013)
Autism Linked to Increased Genetic Change in Regions of Genome Instability (podcast)
(2 April 2013)
Crucial Step in Human DNA Replication Observed Using Fluorescent Tags (podcast)
(1 April 2013)
Endangered Lemurs' Complete Genomes are Sequenced and Analyzed for Conservation Efforts (podcast)
(25 March 2013)
Remnants of a Shattered Star Discovered in Milky Way (podcast)
(15 March 2013)
The Closest Star System Found in a Century (podcast)
(11 March 2013)
Climate Change Effect on Plant Communities Is Buffered By Large Herbivores, New Research Suggests (podcast)
(19 February 2013)

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