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A multi-page list of all research press releases since 1997

Large Gene Study Questions Cambrian Explosion
  19 January 1999
Trail of Dying Green Stars Leads to Millions of Stars Hiding in Galaxy Clusters
  07 January 1999
Chemists Discover New Processes in Fuel-Cleaning Catalysis
  11 December 1998
Scientists Discover Most Distant Known Quasar
  08 December 1998
Penn State Gets Grant for Math Research and Education
  21 October 1998
Rain-Forest Ecologist Studies Ecological Future of Penn State
  23 September 1998
Deep-Ocean Research Program Includes Four Pennsylvania Science Teachers
  20 August 1998
Scientists Discover New Players on the Gene-Activation Team
  31 July 1998
Better Catalysts Could Bring Fuel Cells Down to Earth
  11 July 1998
Hubble Space Telescope Sees Exploding Nova Shells
  10 June 1998
Mosquitoes Take Breeding with Just a Pinch of Salt
  03 June 1998
Tiny Jamaican Tree Crab Made Big and Fast Evolutionary Leap, Scientists Discover
  27 May 1998
Gene Study Shows Modern Orders of Mammals Lived Before Extinction of the Dinosaurs
  29 April 1998
New Fossil Discoveries Clinch Ancient Age of Human Ancestor
  01 April 1998
Quasar Discovered with X-Rays is Long Ago and Far Away
  27 March 1998
Astrostatistics: Reacquainting Old Friends
  16 February 1998
Catalytica Pharmaceuticals Obtains Exclusive License for Chiral Technology with Penn State
  11 February 1998
Scientists Discover Methane Ice Worms on Gulf of Mexico Sea Floor
  29 July 1997
Astrophysicist Finds New Scientific Meaning in Hamlet
  13 January 1997
Scientists Discover Smallest Frog
  22 November 1996

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