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A multi-page list of all research press releases since 1997

Discovery Announced of Two Most Distant Objects
  05 June 2001
X-ray Images of Quasars Confirm Results of Penn State Graduate Student
  29 May 2001
Key Step in Gene Activation Discovered
  16 May 2001
Astronomers Use Chandra Images to Craft Unprecedented Detail of Nearby Galaxy
  15 May 2001
Chandra Examines Black Holes Large and Small in Nearby Galaxy
  14 May 2001
Scientists Create 'Molecular Rulers' Enabling Precise Construction of Nanoscale Structures
  08 February 2001
Sloan Foundation Grant Supports Master's Degree Programs for Scientists at Penn State
  10 January 2001
Scientists Discover Supernova May Control Activity in the Center of Our Galaxy
  10 January 2001
Simultaneous Stellar Explosions Create Swiss-Cheese Structure in Distant Galaxy
  08 January 2001
Penn State Astronomer Contributes to Space.com's Effort to Define Weirdest Things in Space
  05 January 2001
Genes Reveal New Clues about the First Flower
  01 December 2000
Researchers Craft Model that Provides Reasons for Climate Change Observations
  01 December 2000
X-rays from the Most Distant Quasar Captured with the XMM-Newton Satellite
  01 December 2000
Chandra Discovers the X-ray Signature of a Powerful Wind from a Galactic Microquasar
  08 November 2000
Flickering Quasar Helps Chandra Measure the Expansion Rate of the Universe
  06 November 2000
Biologist Plumbs Ocean Depths in Quest for New Forms of Life
  01 November 2000
X-ray Snapshots Capture the First Cries of Baby Stars
  01 November 2000
Launch of "Ask Prof. Science" Web site Finds Success with Steady Response
  10 October 2000
National Science Foundation Funding Creates Interdisciplinary Research Center at Penn State
  28 September 2000
Calculation Provides Insight Into Quantum Superconductivity of Bizarre Particles
  23 August 2000

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