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A multi-page list of all research press releases since 1997

X-ray Snapshots Capture the First Cries of Baby Stars
  01 November 2000
Launch of "Ask Prof. Science" Web site Finds Success with Steady Response
  10 October 2000
National Science Foundation Funding Creates Interdisciplinary Research Center at Penn State
  28 September 2000
Calculation Provides Insight Into Quantum Superconductivity of Bizarre Particles
  23 August 2000
Why Do Proteins Spiral
  19 July 2000
Breast-Cancer Research Program Seeks Volunteers for Exercise Regime
  06 July 2000
Chandra Reveals a Compact Nebula Created by a Shooting Neutron Star
  07 June 2000
Chandra X-Rays the Hubble Deep Field and Affirms Galaxies Producing Submillimeter Radiation are Massive Star-Birth Sites in the Early Universe
  17 May 2000
Chandra Uses X-Rays to Gauge the Speed and Chemistry of a Powerful Wind Near a Supermassive Black Hole
  17 May 2000
Brown Dwarf "Missing Link" Discovered
  12 May 2000
Chandra Images a Young Supernova Blast Wave
  11 May 2000
Astronomers Find Most Distant Object
  24 April 2000
Study Finds Some Ecological Improvement at Penn State
  19 April 2000
Penn State Biologist Featured on Discovery Channel
  24 March 2000
Tube Worms in Deep Sea Discovered to Have Record Long Life Spans
  01 February 2000
Chandra Finds X-ray Star Bonanza in the Orion Nebula
  14 January 2000
Chandra Images the Seething Cauldron of a Starburst Galaxy
  14 January 2000
Biological Reason Found for Women's Increased Risk of Smoking-Related Lung Cancer
  04 January 2000
Hobby-Eberly Telescope Enters Early Operations Phase, Early Results Show Promise of Research to Come
  23 November 1999
Chandra Images Provide New Vision of Cosmic Explosions
  20 September 1999

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