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A multi-page list of all research press releases since 1997

Mouse Research Sheds New Light on Human Genetic Diseases
  23 April 2003
First Science Results Announced in Quest to Detect Gravitational Waves
  06 April 2003
Sokol Spearheading Portion of $1.4-Billion Spallation Neutron Source Research Facility
  02 April 2003
Doomed Matter Near Black Hole Gets Second Lease on Life
  25 March 2003
Researchers Developing "Sentinel Plants" to Warn of Bioterrorism
  05 March 2003
Potential for Ultrafast Detonations Revealed by New Computer Simulation
  21 February 2003
Short and Long Gamma-Ray Bursts Different to the Core
  20 February 2003
Discovery Science Channel to Feature Penn State's Deep-Sea Research on 3 and 8 February 2003
  31 January 2003
Three of the Most Distant Quasars Found at Edge of the Universe
  09 January 2003
Technology Developed at Penn State Licensed to Pharmaceutical Company
Technology Developed at Penn State Licensed to Pharmaceutical Company 08 January 2003Davis Ng, assistant professor of biochemistry and molecular biology, has developed technology that has the potential to revolutionize the production of drugs to make them more affordable and available to the consumer.
Milky Way Monster Stars in Cosmic Reality Show
  06 January 2003
Team Led by Penn State Astronomer Records Spectra of Gamma-Ray Burst
  12 December 2002
Large-Scale Climate Change Linked to Simultaneous Population Fluctuations in Arctic Mammals
  13 November 2002
New Center for Nanoscale Science Established at Penn State
  14 October 2002
Research Reveals How an Acid Dissolves, Molecule by Molecule
  04 October 2002
Revealed Today at NASA: Space Movie Shows Shocking Secrets of the Crab Pulsar
  19 September 2002
Research Reveals How Cells Protect Against Stress
  14 August 2002
Consortium for Archaeal Genomics and Proteomics Established at Penn State
  06 August 2002
New Gene Discovered for Male Fertility in Plants
  31 July 2002
Sequencing of Bacterial Genome Reveals Distant Evolutionary Link to Plants
  09 July 2002

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