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A multi-page list of all research press releases since 1997

Sequencing of Bacterial Genome Reveals Distant Evolutionary Link to Plants
  09 July 2002
Three Faint Companions of Bright Stars Discovered with New Infrared Camera Developed at Penn State
  12 June 2002
Astronomers Use X-Rays to Probe Gravitational Field of a Neutron Star
  06 June 2002
Penn State Astronomer's Images of the First Stars Featured on Discovery Channel During June
  30 May 2002
Gene Study Determines How Humans are Related to Fruit Flies and Nematode Worms
  22 April 2002
Extensive Research Survey Confirms Life on Earth Now Being Affected by Global Warming
  17 April 2002
Penn State Astronomers Discover Well-Established Black Holes in Distant Quasars
  28 March 2002
Pennsylvania Weed Reveals Plant-Pollination Secrets
  13 March 2002
Planets of the Phoenix: Astronomers Predict Rebirth of Planetary Systems in the Embers of Dead Stars
  07 January 2002
Researchers Trace Dynamics of Measles Epidemics
  13 December 2001
Fossil Teeth Reveal Recent Origin of Human Growth Pattern
  05 December 2001
World's Smallest Lizard Discovered in the Caribbean
  03 December 2001
Penn State a Partner in New Global Data Grid
  26 November 2001
Deep-Ocean Research Program Office Funded at Penn State
  08 November 2001
In Powerful Gamma-Ray Bursts, Neutrinos May Fly Out First, Scientists Say
  05 November 2001
X-ray Emissions Detected from Elusive Cosmic Object
  18 October 2001
Penn State and SurroMed Describe Submicrometer-Scale Metallic Barcodes
  04 October 2001
Penn State Study Finds Ecological Improvements Can Save Money
  03 October 2001
New Center for Gravitational Wave Physics Established at Penn State
  01 October 2001
Supercomputer Simulations Reveal Strongest Carbon Nanotubes
  17 September 2001

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