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A multi-page list of all research press releases since 1997

Computer Method Identifies Potentially Active Enzymes
  25 February 2004
Scientists Discover Where Snakes Lived When They Evolved into Limbless Creatures
  30 January 2004
Probable Discovery of a New, Supersolid, Phase of Matter
14 January 2004PLEASE NOTE: This press release was published in 2004. Since then, Professor Chan has disproved the claim presented here of a probable discovery of supersolid helium. For more information about how the researchers disproved their original findings, go to: http://phys.org/news/2012-10-supersolid-helium.html.
Infant Galaxies in Nearby Group
  08 January 2004
Mirages in the Sky Probe Dark Matter in the Universe
  17 December 2003
New Penn State Computer Cluster Enables Researchers to Probe the Universe
  03 December 2003
What Lies Beneath: Chandra Image Released by Team Including Penn State Postdoctoral Scholar
  18 November 2003
Most Precise Map of Matter in the Universe Revealed Today
  28 October 2003
Research on Relative Species Abundance Provides New Theoretical Foundation for Analyzing How Ecological Communities Arise
  28 August 2003
Major Flares Are Predictable on Far-Away Stars, Analysis of Radio Observations Reveals
  22 August 2003
Link Between Black Holes and Galaxies Discovered in Our Own Back Yard
  15 July 2003
Farthest and Oldest Known Planet Found
  11 July 2003
Firehose-Like Jet Discovered In Action
  30 June 2003
Gamma-Ray-Burst Catcher Readies for Launch
  30 June 2003
Astronomers "Weigh" Pulsar's Planets
  25 June 2003
The Secret Lives of Galaxies Unveiled in Deep Survey
  19 June 2003
Deep Study Reveals Hundreds of Objects in the Sky That Emit X-Rays
  19 June 2003
Plants and People Share a Molecular Signaling System, Researchers Discover
  05 June 2003
Chandra Finds Rich Oxygen Supply Inside Glowing Ring
  26 May 2003
Mouse Research Sheds New Light on Human Genetic Diseases
  23 April 2003

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