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2008 Research Press Releases

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Team Led by Fisher Receives Conservation Award from Department of the Interior
20 May 2008A research team led by Charles Fisher, professor of biology at Penn State, has received a Cooperative Conservation Award from the U.S. Department of the Interior. Fisher's research team was among 14 groups to receive the award, which is one of the Department of the Interior's highest honors.
Pipsqueak Star Unleashes Monster Flare
  20 May 2008
Hundreds of Missing Black Holes Found
  20 May 2008
Simple Model Cell is Key to Understanding Cell Complexity
  15 May 2008
Physicists Demonstrate How Information Can Escape From Black Holes
  14 May 2008
Scientists Identify Key Roadblock to Gene Expression
  08 May 2008
Global Warming Linked to Caribou-Calf Mortality
  01 May 2008
Research on Ancestral Plants Featured in Research | Penn State
  09 April 2008
Enzyme Complex Could be Key to New Cancer Treatments
  03 April 2008
Gypsy Moth Management Made More Efficient, Cost-Effective
  02 April 2008
Physics Beyond Einstein: Contemplating Time's Beginning and End
  26 March 2008
Superbright Explosion is Most Distant Object Ever Visible to the Naked Eye
  20 March 2008
Scientists See Norwalk Virus' Achilles Heel
  19 March 2008
Flu Tracked to Viral Reservoir in Tropics
  19 March 2008
Single-Crystal Semiconductor Wire Built into an Optical Fiber
  12 March 2008
Allergic Response Tied to Lipid Molecules in Cell Membrane
  07 March 2008
Solar Cell Directly Splits Water for Hydrogen
  18 February 2008
Probing Question: What are Shooting Stars
  05 February 2008
Neutron Stars Join the Black-Hole Jet Set
  04 February 2008
Scientists Explore Factors Contributing to DNA Mutations
  28 January 2008

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