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2008 Research Press Releases

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Physicists Find that Size Matters When Initiating an Object's Movement Through Grains
  16 September 2008
"Naked-Eye" Gamma-Ray Burst Was Aimed Squarely at Earth
  10 September 2008
Scientists Develop New Method to Investigate Origin of Life
  02 September 2008
Novel Fungus Helps Beetles to Digest Hard Wood
  19 August 2008
Future Impact of Global Warming is Worse When Grazing Animals are Considered, Scientists Suggest
  18 August 2008
Research in Puerto Rico on Corals and Global Warming
Research in Puerto Rico on Corals and Global Warming 14 August 2008For just one late-summer night each year, the shallow waters off the coast of Puerto Rico fill with the pale-pink spawn of elkhorn corals — the tiny, round packets of the adult corals' eggs and sperm. This year, Iliana Baums, assistant professor of biology at Penn State, is there to collect the coral spawn as part of a research and education project to grow the newborn juvenile corals for distribution to aquaria and to the wild.
Piecing Together an Extinct Lemur, Large as a Big Baboon
  28 July 2008
Select Group of High-School Students Learns Science, Math at Penn State and Presents Research at Public Event
  17 July 2008
Tethered Molecules Act as Light-Driven Reversible Nanoswitches
  23 June 2008
Scientists Discover That Protons Partner with Neutrons More Often Than with Other Protons
  18 June 2008
World's Smallest Snake Found in Barbados
  16 June 2008
Eight-Day Undersea Mission Begins Experiment to Improve Coral Reef Restoration
Eight-Day Undersea Mission Begins Experiment to Improve Coral Reef Restoration 13 June 2008Scientists have begun an eight-day mission, in which they are living and working at 60 feet below the sea surface, to determine why some species of coral colonies survive transplanting after a disturbance, such as a storm, while other colonies die. Coral reefs worldwide are suffering from the combined effects of hurricanes, global warming, and increased boat traffic and pollution. As a result, their restoration has become a priority among those who are concerned.
Study Finds New Properties in "Non-Magnetic Materials"
  11 June 2008
New Map Locates Metals in Millions of Milky Way Stars
  10 June 2008
Woolly-Mammoth Gene Study Changes Extinction Theory
  09 June 2008
A Slimmer Milky Way Revealed by New Measurements
  04 June 2008
A Survivor in Greenland: A Novel Bacterial Species is Found Trapped in 120,000-Year-Old Ice
  03 June 2008
Heart of the Crab Pulsar Probed — First Direct Look Into the Core of a Neutron Star
  02 June 2008
NASA's Swift Satellite Catches First "Normal" Supernova in the Act of Exploding
  21 May 2008
Climate Change Does Double-Whammy to Animals in Seasonal Environments
  21 May 2008

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