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2006 Research Press Releases

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Astronomers Discover New Kind of Black-Hole Explosion
20 December 2006  
Taking Nanolithography Beyond Semiconductors
14 December 2006  
Probing Question: Why Did Pluto Get Demoted?
New Technique Studies How Plastic Solar Cells Turn Sunlight into Electricity
11 December 2006  
Research Yields New Insights into the Cause of Diabetes
05 December 2006  
Twin Star Explosions Fascinate Astronomers
21 November 2006  
Dragonfly's Metabolic Disease Provides Clues about Human Obesity
20 November 2006  
Ultraviolet Light Reveals Secrets of Nanoscale Electronic Materials
24 October 2006  
Viral Marker of Human Migration Suspect
24 October 2006  
Better Way Found to Locate DNA Packing Proteins in Genome
11 October 2006  
Astronomers See Inside a Quasar for the First Time
05 October 2006  
Scientists Snap First Images of Brown Dwarf in Planetary System
18 September 2006  
Probing Question: Why Do I Have to Get a Flu Shot Every Year?
Earth-Like Planets May Be Common in Known Planetary Systems
08 September 2006  
Planet or a Failed Star? . . . Discovery Reveals One of the Smallest Stellar Companions Ever Seen
07 September 2006  
Bee Researchers Close in on Colony Collapse Disorder
06 September 2006  
South African Clone of Penn State Telescope Makes First Scientific Discovery
26 August 2006  
Research Paper Illuminates How Light Pushes Atoms
08 August 2006  
Probing Question: What Happened Before the Big Bang
New Method for Dating Art Prints and Early Books Borrows Know-How from Genetic Science
20 June 2006  

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