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2005 Research Press Releases

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Scientists Narrow the Time Limits for the Human and Chimpanzee Split
19 December 2005  
Scientists Sequence DNA of Woolly Mammoth
19 December 2005  
Cosmic Explosion Could Be Black Hole Swallowing Neutron Star
14 December 2005  
A First: Hydrogen Atoms Manipulated Below the Surface of a Palladium Crystal
02 December 2005  
Scientists Find Possible Birth of Tiniest Known Solar System
29 November 2005  
Genealogy of Scaly Reptiles Rewritten by New Research
22 November 2005  
Scientists Discover How to Flip a Molecular Switch
17 November 2005  
Swift Satellite Hailed as "Best of What's New" in Popular Science
08 November 2005  
Probing Question: When Did the Snake Lose Its Legs?
New Sculpture Looks Beyond Three Dimensions
13 October 2005Open House and Dedication of Unique Sculpture to be Hosted by Department of Mathematics on 21 October
Short Flash from Enormous Explosion Solves Cosmic Mystery
05 October 2005  
Probing Question: What is Antimatter and Why Does It Matter?
NASA Satellite, Controlled by Penn State, Detects Most Distant Explosion
12 September 2005  
Probing Question: How Long Can Humans Live?
South African Telescope, Patterned After Hobby-Eberly Telescope, Sees First Light
01 September 2005  
Trumpler 14: Bright Young Stars Mix It Up
31 August 2005  
NASA'S Swift Satellite Finds Newborn Black Holes
18 August 2005  
New Microprinting Technique Improves Nanoscale Fabrication
18 August 2005  
Novel Technique Offers New Look at Ancient Diets
03 August 2005  
Brain Scientists Offer Insight Into Vision
21 July 2005  

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