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2004 Research Press Releases

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Molecular Chains Line Up to Form Protopolymer
07 December 2004First observation of extended chains of molecules that exhibit a strong interaction without forming chemical bonds
Experiment Confirms Existence of New Electronic State in Superconductors
11 November 2004  
Mysterious Cluster of Stars Discovered Near Milky Way
21 October 2004  
New Hydrothermal Vents Discovered as "South Pacific Odyssey" Research Begins
23 September 2004  
Vulnerability of Power Grid Centers on Key Junctions
02 September 2004  
Strong New Evidence of a Supersolid Phase of Matter
30 August 2004PLEASE NOTE: This press release was written in 2004. Since then, Professor Chan has disproven the discovery of supersolid helium. For an update to the research findings presented here, go to: http://phys.org/news/2012-10-supersolid-helium.html.
Physics Gravity Model Applicable to Disease Spread
06 August 2004  
Sloan Digital Sky Survey Supports Dark Energy as the Primary Constituent of the Universe
21 July 2004  
Research Reveals Role of Gene in Infertility
21 July 2004  
Chandra Looks Over a Cosmic Four-Leaf Clover
06 July 2004  
Imaging Achievement Reveals "Intelligent Cell"
02 July 2004  
Making Black Holes Go 'Round on the Computer
24 May 2004  
Genetic Barrier to Self-Pollination Identified
17 May 2004  
Penn State Researchers and Graduate Students Featured on Space.com
Small, Cold, and Hungry: Ultra-Small Microbes from a 120,000-Year-Old Greenland-Glacier Ice Sample
06 May 2004  
First Step Made Toward Comprehensive Use of Human Genome for Fighting Human Diseases
19 April 2004  
Hobby-Eberly Telescope Witnesses Vaporizing of a Comet-like Body by a Very Young Hot Star
16 April 2004  
Titan, a Moon of Saturn, Casts Revealing Shadow
05 April 2004  
Research Reveals Halogen Characteristics of Cluster of Metal Atoms
01 April 2004  
Team Including Penn State Researchers Announces Completed Gene Sequencing of Laboratory Rat
31 March 2004  

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