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2002 Research Press Releases

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Team Led by Penn State Astronomer Records Spectra of Gamma-Ray Burst
12 December 2002  
Large-Scale Climate Change Linked to Simultaneous Population Fluctuations in Arctic Mammals
13 November 2002  
New Center for Nanoscale Science Established at Penn State
14 October 2002  
Research Reveals How an Acid Dissolves, Molecule by Molecule
04 October 2002  
Revealed Today at NASA: Space Movie Shows Shocking Secrets of the Crab Pulsar
19 September 2002  
Research Reveals How Cells Protect Against Stress
14 August 2002  
Consortium for Archaeal Genomics and Proteomics Established at Penn State
06 August 2002  
New Gene Discovered for Male Fertility in Plants
31 July 2002  
Sequencing of Bacterial Genome Reveals Distant Evolutionary Link to Plants
09 July 2002  
Three Faint Companions of Bright Stars Discovered with New Infrared Camera Developed at Penn State
12 June 2002  
Astronomers Use X-Rays to Probe Gravitational Field of a Neutron Star
06 June 2002  
Penn State Astronomer's Images of the First Stars Featured on Discovery Channel During June
30 May 2002  
Gene Study Determines How Humans are Related to Fruit Flies and Nematode Worms
22 April 2002  
Extensive Research Survey Confirms Life on Earth Now Being Affected by Global Warming
17 April 2002  
Penn State Astronomers Discover Well-Established Black Holes in Distant Quasars
28 March 2002  
Pennsylvania Weed Reveals Plant-Pollination Secrets
13 March 2002  
Planets of the Phoenix: Astronomers Predict Rebirth of Planetary Systems in the Embers of Dead Stars
07 January 2002  

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