2005 Lectures and Events

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"Einstein's Legacy to Astronomy: From Black Holes to the Expanding Universe" is Free Public Lecture on 22 January 2005
01 January 2005  
Einstein's Legacy: A Centennial Celebration of Einstein's "Miraculous Year" and its Influence on Science Today.
Free Public Lecture on 12 February 2005: "When Black Holes Collide: Exploring Strong Gravity with 21st-Century Computing Power"
03 February 2005  
Free Public Lecture on 12 February: "When Black Holes Collide: Exploring Strong Gravity with 21st-Century Computing Power"
03 February 2005  
A Generally Relative Serenade
07 February 2005Audience members at a Penn State Lecture on the Frontiers of Science (2/5/2005) were treated to a delightful serenade by the speaker, Clifford M. Will, who broke into song as he introduced the audience to Einstein's Theory of General Relativity.
Free Public Lecture on 19 February 2005: Einstein's Legacy in Low-Temperature Physics
10 February 2005  
Planets, Planets, Everywhere: A Free Public Presentation on 26 February
21 February 2005  
Friedman Lecture on Parallel Universes Set for 6 April 2005
29 March 2005  
Sullivan to Present Marker Lectures in the Mathematical Sciences from 11 to 14 April 2005
05 April 2005  
DeLong to Present 2005 Stone Memorial Lecture
13 April 2005  
Eberly Family Distinguished Lecture in Science on 27 April 2005
20 April 2005  
Event Showcases Atomic Resolution Microscopy
22 June 2005  
"AstroFest 2005" Provides an Evening of Astronomy Activities and Stargazing During Arts Festival
01 July 2005  
"Dunk the Dean" Ice Cream Social to Benefit Centre County United Way
30 August 2005  
Professor Tina Henkin to Present Stone Memorial Lecture on 19 September 2005
13 September 2005  
"Dunk the Dean" Ice Cream Social Benefits Centre County United Way
14 September 2005  
Topic of Whitfield Lecture on 29 September 2005 Is "Spintronics"
22 September 2005  
Managing Chronic Disorders is Focus of Clogg Lecture 17 October 2005
06 October 2005  
New Sculpture Looks Beyond Three Dimensions
13 October 2005Open House and Dedication of Unique Sculpture to be Hosted by Department of Mathematics on 21 October
Director of Forensic Science to Present Public Lecture on 19 October 2005
18 October 2005  

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