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Nova-like explosion of spinning live bacteria explained
06 April 2018Suspensions of live bacteria in a viscous liquid do not act as expected when spun at certain speeds and now a team of researchers knows why the bacterial aggregation appears to explode when the spinning stops.
Read recognized with 2018 President’s Award for Academic Integration
05 April 2018Andrew Read, Evan Pugh University Professor of Biology and Entomology in the Eberly College of Science and the College of Agricultural Sciences, has been awarded the 2018 President’s Award for Excellence in Academic Integration.
Bernhard Lüscher awarded Faculty Scholar Medal for Outstanding Achievement
05 April 2018Bernhard Lüscher, professor of biology and of biochemistry and molecular biology, has received a 2018 Faculty Scholar Medal for Outstanding Achievement in the Life Sciences.
Wendy Hanna-Rose receives Eisenhower Award for Distinguished Teaching
04 April 2018Wendy Hanna-Rose, associate professor and interim department head of biochemistry and molecular biology at Penn State, has been selected to receive the 2018 Milton S. Eisenhower Award for Distinguished Teaching.
Slavkovic honored with 2018 Graduate Program Chair Leadership Award
04 April 2018Aleksandra Slavkovic, professor of statistics, associate dean for graduate education, and former associate head for graduate studies in the Eberly College of Science, is the 2018 recipient of the Graduate School Alumni Society Graduate Program Chair Leadership Award.
NASA scientist to present Friedman Lecture in Astronomy on April 10, 2018
02 April 2018Joseph Masiero, a staff scientist at the NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory, will give a free presentation titled "You Can't Make a Solar System without Breaking a Few Asteroids" at 7:30 p.m. on Tuesday, April 10, in 100 Thomas Building.
Penn State–developed plant-disease app recognized by Google
02 April 2018A mobile app designed by Penn State researchers to help farmers and others diagnose crop diseases has earned recognition from one of the world's tech giants.
Penn State to participate in consortium to demonstrate remote monitoring of nuclear reactors
27 March 2018Penn State researchers will participate in a new international multi-laboratory and multi-university collaboration that harnesses the unusual characteristics of the elusive subatomic particles known as antineutrinos for nuclear nonproliferation.
New insights into how cellulose is built could indicate how to break it apart for biofuels
26 March 2018A comprehensive look at how plants build cellulose, the primary building block of the walls of most plant cells that is used in a wide variety of manmade materials, could have important implications for its use in biofuels. Researchers at Penn State have identified the major steps in the process as well as the tools used by plant cells to create cellulose, including proteins that transport critical components to the location where cellulose is made.
NASA set to launch Penn State led experiment
26 March 2018NASA will launch a suborbital sounding rocket carrying a Penn State led experiment to test a newly-developed X-ray spectrograph and study the X-rays from a supernova remnant in the Milky Way galaxy.
Matthews receives 2018 Penn State Alumni Achievement Award
21 March 2018The Penn State Alumni Association will honor Eberly College of Science alumna Megan Matthews with the Alumni Achievement Award.
Study of climate change could lead to understanding future of infectious disease
20 March 2018Over the past 34 years, rainfall in Uganda has decreased by about 12 percent even though many of the global climate models predict an increase in rainfall for the area, according to an international team of researchers. Rainfall levels in Uganda impact agriculture, food security, wildlife habitats and regional economics as well as the prevalence of certain diseases.
Social statistician and former U.S. Census director Robert Groves to present Clogg Lectures March 26 and 27
19 March 2018Robert M. Groves, Executive Vice President and Provost of Georgetown University and former director of the U.S. Census Bureau will present two free, public lectures as part of the 2018 Clifford C. Clogg Memorial Lectures.
Statistician Larry Wasserman to present Chemerda Lectures in Science on March 14 and 15, 2018
07 March 2018Larry A. Wasserman, UPMC Professor of Statistics and Data Science at Carnegie Mellon University, will present two free public lectures on March 14 and 15 as part of the 2018 John M. Chemerda Lectures in Science.
Three from Eberly College of Science named Distinguished Professor
06 March 2018Three faculty members from the Eberly College of Science have been selected to receive the title of Distinguished Professor.
Marker Lectures in Genetic Engineering scheduled for March 12 and 13
05 March 2018Fred M. Winston, John Emory Andrus Professor of Genetics at Harvard Medical School, will present the Russell Marker Lectures in Genetic Engineering on March 12 and 13, 2018, at the Penn State University Park campus.
New crystal structures reveal a mysterious mechanism of gene regulation by the "magic spot"
22 February 2018Using an innovative crystallization technique, an international team of researchers, led by scientists at Penn State, has revealed new insights into the long debated action of the “magic spot”—a molecule that controls gene expression in Eschericahia coli and other bacteria when the bacteria are stressed.
Runze Li selected as Holder of the Eberly Family Chair in Statistics
19 February 2018Runze Li has been appointed as Holder of the Eberly Family Chair in Statistics, one of the highest honors awarded to faculty members in the Penn State Eberly College of Science
Squire Booker selected as Holder of the Eberly Distinguished Chair in Science
19 February 2018Squire J. Booker, professor of chemistry and of biochemistry and molecular biology, has been appointed as Holder of the Eberly Distinguished Chair in Science, one of the highest honors awarded to faculty members in the Penn State Eberly College of Science.
"How to Hunt for Signs of Alien Life," a free public lecture on February 24
19 February 2018A free public lecture titled "How to Look for a Signs of Alien Life" will begin at 11:00 a.m. on Saturday, January 20, in 100 Thomas Building on the Penn State University Park campus. The speaker, Lisa Kaltenegger, is an associate professor at Cornell University and the director of the university's Carl Sagan Institute.

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