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Out through the window: Crystal structure reveals details of nonstandard RNA transcription
21 August 2017High-resolution crystal structure reveals a new pathway for RNA during a nontraditional form of transcription.
Graduate student Ericka Reed awarded Gilliam Fellowship by the Howard Hughes Medical Institute
16 August 2017Ericka Reed, a doctoral student in biochemistry and molecular biology, has been selected to receive the Gilliam Fellowship for Advanced Study by the Howard Hughes Medical Institute. The fellowship is intended to prepare a diverse and highly-trained scientific workforce to be leaders in their fields.
Penn State gearing up for 2017 solar eclipse event
15 August 2017On August 21, faculty and students from Penn State’s Department of Astronomy & Astrophysics will be handing out hundreds of safe “eclipse glasses” for students and community members who want to see the partial solar eclipse that will be visible in central Pennsylvania.
Viruses up their game in arms race with immune system
14 August 2017In a classic example of the evolutionary arms race between a host and a pathogen, the myxoma virus -- introduced to control the rabbit population in Australia in 1950 -- has developed a novel and deadly ability to suppress the immune response of its host rabbits.
Labeed Almani to Represent Penn State’s Eberly College of Science as Student Marshal at Summer Commencement 2017
09 August 2017Labeed Almani of Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, will be honored as the student marshal for the Eberly College of Science during Penn State University’s 2017 summer commencement ceremonies on the University Park campus.
New, more sensitive sensor for evaluating drug safety
03 August 2017A new technique for evaluating drug safety can detect stress on cells at earlier stages than conventional methods, which mostly rely on detecting cell death. The new method uses a fluorescent sensor that is turned on in a cell when misfolded proteins begin to aggregate -- an early sign of cellular stress.
Three Penn State researchers receive scientific grants from Kaufman Foundation
03 August 2017The Charles E. Kaufman Foundation has selected three Penn State researchers to receive scientific grants: James Marden, professor of biology, Scott Medina, assistant professor of biomedical engineering, and Mikael Rechtsman, assistant professor of physics.
Antibodies may reveal timing of previous influenza infection
31 July 2017The amount of influenza-specific antibodies present in an individual’s blood can indicate not only if they experienced the flu, but potentially when -- a finding that could improve disease monitoring in the tropics, where flu season is unending.
In Touch With: Hank McCoullum
26 July 2017On diversity, inclusion, and life after Penn State
Postdoc Society names 2017 Outstanding Mentor and Outstanding Postdoc awardees
24 July 2017Suvrath Mahadevan and F. Joseph Pollock will be presented their awards in a ceremony to be held September 22.
Newly Described Algae Species Toughens Up Corals to Endure Warming Oceans
14 July 2017Using innovative methods, researchers at Penn State University have identified a new species of stress-tolerant algae that associate with corals in a partnership that promotes the health and growth of coral reef ecosystems.
AstroFest 2017 is Four Evenings of Astronomy Activities and Stargazing During Arts Festival
10 July 2017Penn State will be holding its annual AstroFest program from 8:30 to 11:30 p.m. each night from Wednesday, July 12 through Saturday, July 15, during the Central Pennsylvania Festival of the Arts.
Malaria parasites sense and adapt to their host’s nutritional status
05 July 2017A new study shows that the infectious agent responsible for malaria, the Plasmodium parasite, is able to sense its host’s nutritional status and actively adapt through changes in gene expression to reduce the number of offspring it produces.
Flexible flagella fight flow: Bacteria change a liquid’s properties and escape entrapment
27 June 2017A flexible tail allows swimming bacteria to thin the surrounding liquid and to free themselves when trapped along walls or obstacles, according to Penn State researchers. This finding could influence how bacterial growth is controlled.
Genes, Ozone, and Autism: Increased risk for autism when genetic variation and air pollution meet
22 June 2017A new analysis shows that individuals with high levels of genetic variation and elevated exposure to ozone in the environment are at an even higher risk for developing autism than would be expected by adding the two risk factors together.
Improving elementary teacher mathematics fluency: Penn State to host summer workshops at four campuses across the Commonwealth
20 June 2017The Pennsylvania Math Initiative (PMI), founded at Penn State in 2012, will once again be hosting professional development workshops aimed at improving the mathematics fluency of elementary school teachers.
Potential new target for antimalarial drugs identified
14 June 2017A newly described protein could be an effective target for combatting drug-resistant malaria parasites. The protein, the transcription factor PfAP2-I, regulates a number of genes involved with the parasite’s invasion of red blood cells, a critical part of the parasite’s complex life cycle that could be targeted by new antimalarial drugs
New way to weigh a white dwarf: Use Hubble Space Telescope
09 June 2017Astronomers have used, for the first time, a novel method to determine the mass of a nearby dead star. The new method is based on the bending of a beam of light near a massive object. Now, astronomers have achieved a solid estimate of the mass of a white dwarf by measuring the deflection of light rays as they pass near the star.
Three Eberly College of Science alumni earn Fulbright awards for 2017-18
08 June 2017Recipients will travel the globe supporting the teaching of English or studying and conducting research at foreign universities
Sellers elected secretary of the Mathematical Association of America
07 June 2017James Sellers, professor and director of undergraduate studies in mathematics at Penn State, has been elected secretary of the Mathematical Association of America (MAA).

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