1998 Award Stories

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Weaver Receives Eberly College of Science Staff Innovation Award
14 January 1998  
Benkovic Named to Argonne National Laboratory Board of Governors
12 February 1998  
International Society Elects Pullin as Chair
16 February 1998  
Marden Receives National Science Foundation Faculty Early Career Development Award
23 February 1998  
Wolszczan Receives the Commander Cross of the Order of Merit Award
17 March 1998  
American Physical Society Honors Ernst and Strikman
17 March 1998  
World-Renowned Statistician Elected to Lithuanian Academy of Sciences
25 March 1998  
Leukemia Society Honors Workman with a Stohlman Scholar Award
14 April 1998  
Howard Grotch to Become Dean of Arts and Sciences at Kentucky
17 April 1998  
Eberly College of Science Receives Beckman Scholar Awards
20 April 1998  
Castleman Elected to National Academy of Science and to American Academy of Arts and Sciences
11 May 1998  
Nobel Laureate Physicist Leon M. Lederman to Receive Honorary Penn State Doctoral Degree
15 May 1998  
Benkovic Honored with Chemical Pioneer Award
18 June 1998  
Penn State Honors Wolszczan and Hume as Evan Pugh Professors
18 June 1998  
Pullin Named Guggenheim Fellow
24 June 1998  
Zhang Receives Dreyfus Teacher-Scholar Award
03 July 1998  
Selander Elected to Mexican Academy of Sciences
01 August 1998  
Rao Receives Distinguished Statistical Ecologist Award
20 August 1998  
Lindsay Named Fellow of the American Statistical Association
26 August 1998  
Penn State Eberly College of Science Postdoctoral Fellow Wins Burroughs Wellcome Fund Career Award
26 August 1998  

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