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Coulomb glass

Mathematical approach provides a new step in resolving the mystery of glass

16 January 2015 — An interdisciplinary team of mathematicians and physicists has developed a new quantitative approach to understanding the mysterious properties of the materials called glasses. The study is described in a paper in the Nature Publishing Group journal Scientific Reports on January 16, 2015. The research, led by Leonid Berlyand, professor of mathematics at Penn State University and Valerii Vinokur, Argonne Distinguished Fellow in the Materials Science Division of the Argonne National Laboratory in Illinois, enables a breakthrough in the description of the subclass of glasses, known as a “Coulomb glass,” and has wide-ranging application to understanding a variety of glassy systems in nature.

"Understanding Einstein's greatest discovery" is a free public lecture on January 24, 2015 (Event Date: 24 January 2015) (100 Thomas Building, from 24 January 2015 11:00 AM to 24 January 2015 01:00 PM)

Research in Action: NIJ Grant Allows Penn State Scientists to Explore Heteroplasmic Variants in Mitochondrial DNA (21 January 2015)

Focus on Research: Research gives new hope for restoring cells in damaged brains and spinal cords (19 January 2015)

Penn State and Geisinger Announce Establishment of Medical Bioinformatics and Genomics Research Collaborative (16 January 2015)

Mathematical approach provides a new step in resolving the mystery of glass (16 January 2015)

New science from Einstein's greatest discovery is the theme of the 2015 Penn State Lectures on the Frontiers of Science (13 January 2015)

Runze Li Named Verne M. Willaman Professor of Statistics (13 January 2015)

$15 million research grant awarded to Penn State Center for Nanoscience (12 January 2015)

Research in Action: With New Grant, Penn State Aims to Bring Next-Generation DNA Sequencing to Working Crime Laboratories (8 January 2015)

Huge New Astronomy Database Now Available to the Public (7 January 2015)

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