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How did the giraffe get its long neck? Clues now revealed by new genome sequencing

For the first time, the genomes of the giraffe and its closest living relative, the reclusive okapi of the African rainforest, have been sequenced -- revealing the first clues about the genetic changes that led to the evolution of the giraffe’s exceptionally long neck and its record-holding ranking as the world’s tallest land species. The research will be published in the scientific journal Nature Communications on May 17, 2016.
Read more about the discovery here.

Graduate student Ericka Reed awarded Gilliam Fellowship by the Howard Hughes Medical Institute (16 August 2017)

Viruses up their game in arms race with immune system (14 August 2017)

Labeed Almani to Represent Penn State’s Eberly College of Science as Student Marshal at Summer Commencement 2017 (9 August 2017)

New, more sensitive sensor for evaluating drug safety (3 August 2017)

Three Penn State researchers receive scientific grants from Kaufman Foundation (3 August 2017)

Antibodies may reveal timing of previous influenza infection (31 July 2017)

Postdoc Society names 2017 Outstanding Mentor and Outstanding Postdoc awardees (24 July 2017)

Newly Described Algae Species Toughens Up Corals to Endure Warming Oceans (14 July 2017)

Malaria parasites sense and adapt to their host’s nutritional status (5 July 2017)

Flexible flagella fight flow: Bacteria change a liquid’s properties and escape entrapment (27 June 2017)

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