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digital signageWhat is Digital Signage?

Digital signage is a remote controlled distribution and playback system of electronic message content across networks of television monitor displays. It is used for delivering visual messages to the Eberly College of Science community. Digital signage is an outlet for announcements, news, student activities, events, as well as critical updates such as emergency information and weather advisories. A successful digital signage network must have engaging content in order to grab attention and must continue to display interesting content to keep the viewer’s interest.


The Purpose of Digital Signage

Digital signage offers the college the opportunity to foster a sense of community by communicating messages of interest and importance to our students, faculty, and staff.  Digital signage also incorporates the ability to display campus wide emergency announcements through a connection to our e2Campus alert system.

The Eberly College of Science marketing office is responsible for the content displayed on the digital signage. Having one point of contact for the digital signage will ensure that relevant messages reach the right audience on the right sign.  This will also ensure that content is appropriate for digital signage.

Content will be posted with regard to priority established by the college (Climate and Diversity Committee content, college level content, then departmental level content).


Digital Signage Locations:

  • Chemistry Building
  • Davey Laboratory
  • McAllister Building
  • Mueller Laboratory
  • North/South Frear
  • Osmond Laboratory
  • Ritenour Building
  • Thomas Building
  • Whitmore Laboratory


Message Guidelines for the College:

Content for messages must be electronically submitted to the marketing office using the online form.  Messages will be reviewed by the office, edited to comply with University style, and posted on the appropriate screen(s).

Messages must be appropriate for viewing in public areas and comply with the following criteria:

  • Compliance with University style guidelines
  • Compliance with all copyright and trademark laws and regulations
  • For all screens: be of broad interest to the college community
  • For specific screen: be appropriate for posting in requested area
  • No commercial or other for-profit messages
  • Messages cannot be of a political nature or be an endorsement for any political candidate or person seeking an official position, whether it be on or off campus.


Message Formatting Guidelines

All messages to be displayed on Eberly College of Science digital signage should conform to the following design considerations.

Announcements should be concise. There is limited space on the digital sign for information; only the most important details should be included. You have
three seconds to provide a compelling reason for a person to linger on your message. Your content needs to be relevant, compelling, entertaining, colorful and readable.

Graphics or professional quality photographs illustrating or emphasizing the event are allowable but should not detract from the message.

Short video clips (<20 seconds WITHOUT sound) are welcome if they are relevant and of interest to the college community.

Message Submission Guidelines:

All messages for inclusion on digital signage must be submitted at least 3 days prior to the event. Those submitting messages containing deadlines, timelines, RSVP by dates, etc., should submit their message at least 7 days prior to that date.

All messages are subject to prior approval by the marketing office before placement on a digital sign.

Message slide production is the responsibility of the marketing office. The office will consider suggestions for layout/design if provided by person/area submitting content.

Message Submission Procedure:

  • Create the message content (news/activity/event/deadline/etc) you wish to publicize.
  • Include any high resolution graphics and/or photographs you wish to use.
  • Submit your message to the marketing office using this form - http://science.psu.edu/marketing/digital-signage-mailer.
  • Receive confirmation for publishing on digital signage.
  • The message slide will be produced and posted on the appropriate sign(s).

Questions or comments? Contact Joel Ranck at jur428@psu.edu or 814-867-5830.

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