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Why Penn State?

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Besides the value and recognition of a Penn State degree, there are many reasons to choose Penn State Science. The faculty and staff of our college are eager to share their passion for science and help you find yours - we’re here for you and your success. You can take courses to explore what areas you’re interested in, focus on an area you're passionate about, assist faculty on research projects, find internships that can lead to a fantastic career - and many more opportunities await your discovery.  Here are some student thoughts on why Penn State was a good fit for them:


Brian Brognano Brian Brognano, a 2010 Penn State graduate who majored in science, was unsure of what to expect when he first came to Penn State. After starting at Penn State he realized that making new friends that shared his interests would be easy.  "Almost all of my new friends that I met at Penn State are science students.  It's like a family within my 40,000 person family. We all are experiencing the same thing." Brian is returning to Penn State in the fall to begin his master’s degree program.


Rachel Chang Rachel Chang, a 2013 Schreyer Honors graduate, came to Penn State because of her love of science and the many options that Penn State’s science programs offered. “Since I was in elementary school, I knew I wanted to be a doctor. At Penn State, the flexibility is phenomenal. I have pursued my interest in biology through in-depth science courses and labs as well as beginning research in my freshman year. While I am dedicated to science, there have been endless opportunities to explore interdisciplinary subjects and those outside of science.”


Sean Lobar Sean Lobar, a 2009 Penn State Schreyer Honors College graduate, majored in science, spent five years learning genetics, ecology, and evolution, and pursued International Studies in Argentina. Although Sean had no plans to become a scientist, he said his degree in biology has been a valuable asset. “My biology background may be the reason that I was accepted as an intern in the State Department’s Office of Environmental Policy.”


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