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The Statistics major in Penn State's Eberly College of Science helps prepare students for careers in business, industry, and government, and for further graduate study in statistics. Students who choose statistics generally have interests in mathematics, computation, and the quantitative aspects of science.

The statistics program provides training in mathematics, computation, database management, and statistical analysis. These skills are in great demand in industry and government. Research divisions in the pharmaceutical industry, quality control, and quality-engineering divisions in manufacturing companies, corporate planning and analysis units, and other data-intensive divisions recruit students with an undergraduate major in statistics.

The Statistics Department offers four options of study, each leading to a B.S. degree:

Actuarial Sciences Option:  Actuaries work in a variety of fields including insurance companies, health care, consulting firms, and federal agencies. 

Graduate Studies Option: Helps prepare students for further graduate study in statistics.

Statistics and Computing Option: Emphasizes the computing aspects of statistics.

Applied Statistics Option: Provides flexibility for students who are interested in a
cross-disciplinary program.

Biostatistics Option: A particular cross-disciplinary program that gives statistics students a broad background in biology.(


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