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The Science BS/MBA program is a collaborative effort between the Eberly College of Science and the Smeal College of Business. It provides outstanding and highly motivated students with the opportunity to combine an undergraduate degree in basic science with a graduate degree in Business Administration, preparing them to be the future leaders of the world’s scientific organizations. Students with outstanding quantitative and analytical skills who are excited by the prospect of applying those skills in a business setting should consider this innovative program.

This special admittance program has additional requirements beyond entry into the Pennsylvania State University and the Eberly College of Science. Applicants are required to have a total score of 1310 (math and verbal) or higher on the SAT from a single test date, a rank in the highest tenth of their high school class, an ability to communicate effectively, an advanced level of maturity, and a high motivation to pursue a joint science/business educational program.

After submitting both the application for admittance to Penn State University and the additional application for admittance to the BS/ MBA program, the top candidates will be selected for an interview at the University Park Campus. About twelve offers of admission are made each year. Find the application here

Students in the Science BS/MBA degree program earn a B.S. degree in Science, within which they can select a specific focus area. The B.S. degree in Science allows students to select a focus area in the sciences. After completing foundation courses in calculus, chemistry, physics, and the life sciences, students will select additional science courses from their focus area of choice.

General Science Option: This option provides students with the most flexibility to, with proper academic approval, create your own Science major. It is especially helpful to students who don’t feel they can adequately achieve their educational goals through any of the other majors our college offers.

Life Science Option: The Life Science option focuses more closely on Biological Sciences, as well as additional courses in Chemistry and Physics. It is slightly more structured than the General Science option but still provides plenty of room to customize.

Mathematical Science Option: As its title would suggest, this option focuses more specifically on the mathematical and statistical fields, although does provide for more Physical and Biological science study than a mathematics degree alone.

Physical Science Option: The Physical Science option contains additional courses in both Astronomy and Physics, while still providing the core mathematics, chemistry, and life sciences background.

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