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The Pennypacker Experience 2013-2014 Advisory Board and
College Multicultural Leadership
Name Unit/Office Mailing Address Phone
Tauheedah Alexander Residence Life 134 Johnston Hall 865-5375
Jamie Campbell Smeal College of Business 203U Business Bldg. 863-1947
Nathaniel Curtis Northrop Grumman Corporation

Moses Davis Education Equity 220 Grange Bldg. 865-1773
Rentata Engel College of Engineering 101 Hammond Bldg. 863-3750
Ed Escalet Undergraduate Education 210 Shields Bldg. 865-1764
Diane Farnsworth Multi Cultural Resource Center/Lenfest Program 220 Grange Bldg. 865-1773
Amy Freeman College of Engineering 208 Hammond Bldg. 863-7138
Michael Gordon Pennypacker Experience 503 Pennypacker Hall
Meghan Hollis Residence Life 134 Johnson Hall 865-5375
Joyce Hopson-King College of Health & Human Development 215 Henderson Bldg. 863-1291
Patrese Ingram College of Agricultural Science 2C Ferguson Bldg. 863-7439
Keisha Johnson Eberly College of Science 428 Thomas Bldg.  863-0285
Terrell Jones  Office of Educational Equity 313 Old Main 865-5906
Aaron Knight Division of Housing 134 Johnson Hall 865-1791
David Manos Division of Housing 134 Johnson Hall 865-1791
*Henry McCoullum Eberly College of Science and Bunton-Waller Program 428 Thomas Bldg.  863-0285
Earl Merritt College of Liberal Arts 122 Sparks Bldg. 863-2545
Jack Mitchell College of Engineering 330 EE East 865-2359
Antonio Moore Undergraduate Education 212 Shields Bldg. 863-0232
Mark Rameker Residence Life 201 Johnson Hall 863-1710
Ronald Redwing College of Earth and Mineral Science 204 Deike Bldg. 867-2455
Linda Soltis Office of Student Aid 314 Shields Bldg. 865-6301
Robert Snyder Office of Student Aid 314 Shields Bldg. 865-6301
Marcus Whitehurst Office of Education Equity 308 Grange Bldg. 865-5906
*Advisory Board Chair

College Multicultural Leadership

Barbara Farmer College of Information Sciences and Technology 332P Info Sci&Tech 865-0077
Natalie James Division of Undergate Studies 118 Grange Bldg. 865-7576
Curt Marshall College of Art and Architecture 104 Borland Lab 865-4894
Maria Schmidt College of Education 123 Chambers Bldg. 865-0904
Joseph Selden Smeal College of Business 208 Carnegie Bldg. 863-6081


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