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Penn State Science Advising is committed to helping you achieve successful academic and professional careers.

Why should I visit my adviser?

  • To meet your coaches and colleagues
  • To find your way on campus and in the world
  • To avoid common pitfalls and spot early signs of future problems
  • To discover your options
  • To create goals and plans
  • To prepare for what comes next
  • To pursue professional and academic development
  • To discuss your academic plans and progress
  • To plan for graduation
  • To understand relevant policies and procedures
  • To change your major

How often should I visit my adviser?

Visit whenever you need one of the above. At minimum, schedule an appointment with your assigned adviser at least once per semester for a standard 30-minute appointment. Check in with your adviser before your class registration date (found on LionPATH in Student Center under Enrollment Dates) for your next semester.

How should I prepare for my appointment with my adviser?

We recommend scheduling at least one week in advance. Please plan ahead for an appointment by:

  • Having specific questions. 
  • Arranging a way to take notes.
  • Bringing related documents (if necessary).
Advisers value the time they spend with every student, so please make sure to arrive on time so that they can give you adequate service.
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Ask the Science Adviser

If you have any lingering questions after searching the Advising site, you can Ask the Adviser.

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