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Below is information for students who want to change campuses from a Penn State campus to University Park to complete their Penn State Science degrees

Penn State Campus to University Park

We encourage you to contact your adviser to discuss your schedule and how it aligns with your academic plans.

Science Dean's Scholarship Program

Change-of-campus students are eligible to apply for a scholarship up to $4,000 per year, two week summer bridge, and academic year program to support their move to University Park.

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    Changing Campus Process

    We recommend following the standard change-of-assignment process, but some extenuating circumstances do exist:

    Late Change-of-Campus

      1. The student's request to change campuses to University Park will be approved if the student is either in or beyond the 5th semester and is accepted into their major or meets ETM requirements. A change of major may also need to be processed if they are not already accepted into their major.
      2. If the student is in or beyond the 5th semester and does not meet ETM requirements, the student's change of campus request will be referred to and reviewed by the department.

    Early Change of Campus

    Requests for early relocation to University Park, during the first two years of academic work, are generally only approved when it is necessary for the student to maintain normal degree progress toward the student’s preferred major. Please see the college policies for more information.

    University Park to Commonwealth Campus

    Current University Park students who wish to move to another Penn State campus may fill out a form to transfer.

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