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Take a Professor to Lunch

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The ECoS Dean's Office will spring for lunch for up to three ECoS students and one ECoS faculty member at any one of the University's dining halls. That's it. No interviews, no papers, no exams, no course prerequisites. The student or students simply invite the professor and, after s/he accepts, arrive at 428 Thomas Building to sign out a charge card to be returned by 5:00 p.m. that afternoon.

We realize that Penn State is a big place and that students are often hesitant to make a professor's acquaintance, even though they probably share a great many interests. We know that many students enrolled in large lecture classes feel that faculty members giving the lectures can know them only by student ID number. We cannot make Penn State smaller but we can facilitate the social interactions between students and faculty that will enable each to know the other a lot better.

The program runs each fall and spring semester. Each ECoS student is eligible to participate once per semester; faculty, however, may participate as often as they are asked and as long as their digestion holds up.


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