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Climate and Diversity Feedback Form

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Is there an issue relating to Climate or Diversity that you feel should be addressed? Complete and submit the following form.

The Eberly College of Science Climate and Diversity Committee is charged by the Dean to assess and improve the climate of the college as a place to work and study.  Our intellectual strength and diversity will be paralleled and enriched by our demographic diversity and by the way we create an inclusive and sustaining climate for everyone. If you know of any climate or diversity related issues that you believe should be addressed by the committee please complete and submit this online form. 


Thank you for helping to create an open and welcoming community. Your comments will be sent automatically to Associate Dean Chuck Fisher.  Unless you fill in your name, your comments will be received anonymously.  Dr. Fisher will use his discretion on how to act on your message.  This will normally involve informing Dean Cavener and/or Amanda Jones in the College HR office and/or the College Climate and Diversity Committee.  If for any reason you would prefer that your feedback not be passed directly to either Dean Cavener, Amanda Jones, or the Climate and Diversity Committee, please indicate this in your message and your wishes will be respected.

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