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Code of Mutual Respect and Cooperation

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The Eberly College of Science Code of Mutual Respect and Cooperation pertains to all members of the college community; faculty, staff, and students.

 The Code of Mutual Respect and Cooperation was developed to embody the values that we hope our faculty, staff, and students possess, consistent with the aspirational goals expressed in the Penn State Principles. The University is strongly committed to freedom of expression, and consequently, the Code does not constitute University or College policy, and is not intended to interfere in any way with an individual’s academic or personal freedoms. We hope, however, that individuals will voluntarily endorse the 12 principles set forth in the Code, thereby helping us make the Eberly College of Science a place where every individual feels respected and valued, as well as challenged and rewarded.


The 12 Principles of the Code are:

  1. Treat everyone equally and with respect
  2. Be courteous
  3. Be ready to communicate
  4. Encourage others and share your expertise with them
  5. Give and accept constructive criticism
  6. Be receptive to change
  7. Be a team player
  8. Get involved
  9. Have a positive attitude
  10. Be honest and accept responsibility
  11. Recognize other people’s priorities
  12. Strive to do your best




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