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Eberly College of Science Climate and Diversity Committee

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The Eberly College of Science Climate and Diversity committee was formed by Dean Larson in 1999 and charged with the task of assessing the “climate” of the Eberly College of Science as a place to work and study.  The information gathered was used to further the College’s vision of providing a supportive and welcoming environment in which all of its diverse members can carry out their individual missions of research service, teaching and learning, to the best of their abilities.

Below list of the members that serve on the current committee.  A list of various projects and accomplishments of previous committees follows this page. This information was pieced together from past committee agendas and reports.


2016-2017 College Climate and Diversity Committee Members

  • Meredith Bartley, Statistics
  • Heather Bennett, Educational Leadership
  • Nate Brown, Math
  • Sydney Chamberlin, Physics
  • Teresa Davis, Dean's Office
  • Benoit Dayrat, Biology
  • Charles Fisher, Deans's Office
  • Derek Fox, Astronomy
  • Pamala Garito, Staff Advisory Committee
  • Lizhao Ge, Statistics
  • Lasse Jensen, Chemistry – Past Committee Chair,  Chair, PostDoc Initiatives
  • Glenn Johnson, Statistics – Chair, Communications
  • Keisha Johnson, Dean’s Office – Co-Chair, C&D Survey
  • Amanda Jones, Dean's Office
  • Matt Katz, Math
  • Julia Kregenow, Astronomy – Committee Chair
  • Henry Mc Coullum, Dean’s Office – Co-Chair, ECOS C&D Awards
  • Kathryn McClintock, Biology – Co-Chair, ECOS C&D Awards
  • Melanie McKinney, Statistics
  • Mary McMonagle, Physics – Chair, Staff Initiatives
  • Irina Mocioiu, Physics – Chair, Graduate Student Initiatives
  • Theresa Peters, Chemistry
  • Olivia Richards, Science LionPride
  • Kristen Robinson, Dean's Office
  • Melissa Rolls, BMB – Co-Chair, C&D Survey
  • Marta Tomaszkiewicz,
  • Tomalei Vess, Dean's Office


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